Steven Menaged


Steven was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to South Florida with his parents when he was 7 years old. He put himself through college working for IBM and graduated from FAU in 1985 with a BS in Mathematics. He currently is the CEO and partners in a Medical Manufacturing company in Miami. His company specializing in High Speed Dental Equipment, Ultrasonic Instruments and Veterinary Anesthesia Machines / Ventilators to name a few. His products are Made In The USA and sold through major distributors worldwide. This is his 30th year anniversary with Engler Engineering Corporation. Concerned that Hillary could be President he became an American Citizen in 2016 so he could vote for Trump. The quest against the destruction of America is of great concern to him.

Steven is the proud father of his sons David (24), Samuel (22) and his daughter Shira (22).


Arnie Silva


I grew up in Wilton Manors, Florida. I am married to Barbara Campbell and live in Oakland Park, Florida.  a graduate of Bob Jones University in 1986. I have supported President Trump from early on and believe in the vision “make America great again”. I am involved in social media on Facebook and Twitter in support of President Trump.

Barbie Rizzo


Barbie Rizzo is a nurse, realtor, and Native New Yorker.  She is passionate about animal abuse, the plight of the homeless and, most importantly, our President. She is a true patriot and nationalist; a lover of her country and President.  Barbie supports President Trump and his MAGA agenda 100%. She has attended political rallies supporting Republican candidates,  advocates for Americans For Trump National and Trump 45 Club in West Palm Beach. She can be seen on the Southern Ave Bridge holding her Trumpster Chihuahua waving to the President upon his arrival at Mar-a-Lago . She and other supporters are known as the Bridge people . She and her Chihuahua have appeared in the Palm Beach post and have been interviewed by MSNBC. 

Bharat Vasudevan

AFT Ambassador and Chair of AFT Asian Indians for Trump
Bharat is a Freelance Writer for where he investigates liberal organizations and devious groups posting as allied Watch Dog groups. His mission is to expose their intent, their influence and their funding as well as who they fund. He also write editorials for the Center of international Relations such as an article entitled “What the West can Learn from the East”, which talks about Islam and the Jihad that has been going on since the late 600’s. Bharat was formerly a military contractor for Walter Reed doing Cybersecurity. He was also given a position by the Schaefer Corporation to do contract work for the Department of Homeland Security to do nuclear detection in 2013, which was cancelled due to Obama’s government shutdown and the Nuclear deal with Iran.

Celia Guistolisi


I made my mark in Chicago as a special education teacher, and as a co founder of SWWC County Special Olympics. My greatest achievement was testifying and bringing to justice nine realtors for discrimination. I arrived in Florida approximately forty-eight years ago settled in Broward County and became involved as a Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. I joined the sales force of Playbill becoming a regional sales manager with an office in Parker Playhouse. I thereafter moved to Boca Raton and was invited to become Vice President of fundraising for the South Florida Symphony followed by the Presidency of the Palm Beach and Broward funding arm. After my husband passed away, I graduated FRSI and co hosted a morning radio show. My passion is my volunteer work as an advocate for MADD and cooking for families at the VA. I am blessed with two children and five grandchildren and my husband Humberto who arrived from Cuba. I am very excited in my new venture as an Ambassador for Americans for Trump. 

Christine McIntyre Hurley


Born in NYC & raised in South Farmingdale, Long Island. At the age of 4, she started taking piano lessons. Her parents wanted her to go to Juliard, but to no avail, her true passion took her on a totally different journey. Christine, proudly, was excepted into the NYCPD Police Academy in 1987. A dream come true! Aiding & helping people had always come easy. What better place to do this, then in the Great City of New York! A life threatening incident occurred and sadly she was forced to retire. She then spent several years volunteering in many capacities. She was amongst the first Project Alert Volunteers of Retired Law Enforcement Officers to join a new group put together by John Walsh & The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Christine & her former husband, moved to Florida in 1994, where shortly she gave birth to her daughter. In 1998 she gave birth to her son. Christine has been involved in many volunteer areas; from class Mom for both her kids, PTA VP for years, Chaperone for her daughter who attended BAC MSOA & Dreyfoos HS. She’s the Secretary for 2 different Non-Profit-Law Enforcement Organizations, and a Committee Member in another.  Christine proudly Campaigned For Allen West, our Amazing President Donald Trump, Rick Scott and our Governor Ron De Santis. She chose to be part of our Driving Force to bring this Wonderful Country BACK to where Morals & Dignity stand firm! It was her duty, as every American, to ensure others do not cheat or take advantage of “the System!” She took part as a Poll Watcher, & Debacle Ballot Counting in Palm Beach County. Christine Loves GOD & HER COUNTRY & is Proud to Be An American & an Ambassador for AFT!!!  WINNING 2020!

Christine Pikul


Christine is the daughter of second generation Polish and Canadian immigrants and grew up in Western Massachusetts. Having immigrant grandparents, she gained an appreciation of her grandparents’ struggles in their respective new lives as well of the honour and responsibility of what it means to be an American citizen. Christine has over forty years experience as an acute care Registered Nurse which has provided her with ample opportunity to meet so many many people and learn about the human condition. Her experience includes Intensive Care, Emergency Room Nursing and Urgent Care. After moving to Florida’s Emerald coast, she became a volunteer for the Bay County Republican Party, for the 2016 Presidential Election, attended a number of rallies, heard “Bridget Gabriel”, Allen West, and others speak. She joined “the Bay Patriots” group at that time, and helped drive people to the polls, and work booths, and local events etc. Overall she strongly supported Donald Trump. Christine and her husband, Karl, have always volunteered including as USO volunteers supporting deployed families of the Middle East wars, as Red Cross Volunteers, and as tutors for adult reading classes. Now a resident of Boca Raton, Christine and Karl are enjoying retirement and being close to their daughters and their grandchildren. They want to be able to pass down the many wonderful aspects of American heritage.

David P. Lhota


David Lhota was born in Columbus, Mississippi but raised in Miami, Florida from early childhood. He has spent the last 25 years working as a registered patent attorney in South Florida and serving his community. He currently runs his own law firm while also serving on the Board for the BIG Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged, at-risk and homeless youths, and being actively involved in Americans For Trump. He also volunteers time to Miami-Dade Legal Aid to assist low income people with intellectually property legal matters. He has a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. His daughter is in her third year at the University of Florida and son in his first year at the United States Naval Academy.

Mr. Lhota has substantial experience in the patent, trademark and copyright process, litigation and electrical and mechanical engineering. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University in 1987 and a law degree from the University of Miami in 1994. He is a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and a Board Certified Expert in Intellectual Property with the Florida Bar. Mr. Lhota’s practice focuses on protecting, enforcing and defending the Intellectual Property rights of small to large companies while assisting start-ups and growing businesses. He has broad patent experience in electronics, software, mobile apps, mechanical devices, medical devices, computers, intelligent control systems, physical training devices and others. Mr. Lhota also litigates patent, trademark and copyright cases in Federal Court and represents clients in negotiating and drafting intellectual property related licenses and other contracts. However, he derives the most satisfaction out of helping those less fortunate.

Prior to law school, Mr. Lhota was an Electrical Systems Design Engineer with Sikorsky Aircraft and Hamilton Standard, both Divisions of United Technologies Corporation. While at Sikorsky, he designed and developed automated test systems for performing static and dynamic stress analysis testing on aircraft and aircraft components, including transmissions, rotors, blades, servos, etc. Following Sikorsky, Mr. Lhota spent two years with Hamilton Standard developing software driven diagnostic test systems for performing diagnostic testing on electronic engine controls, environmental systems and fuel controls.

Digna D. Balcunas


Digna Balcunas was born in Cuba under the Fidel Castro communist regime. Her family left Cuba during the “Freedom Flights” as legal immigrants in 1968 and arrived in Puerto Rico where they lived for 6 years. In 1974 her family moved to Miami and subsequently to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1975, until the present time. 

She graduated from Dillard High School, attended Broward College and at the same time, started working for the Broward County Clerk of Court for 35 years until retirement. 

Digna is the mother of 2 children and widow to Officer Peter Balcunas who was a Reservist for the USMC (Vietnam 67-68) and a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer until retirement. She also volunteers as Secretary, Registration Chairperson and Official for Florida Gold Coast Amateur Boxing (a youth organization) under the umbrella of the United Stated Olympic Amateur Boxing since 1988.

In 1986 Digna became an American Citizen and immediately registered as a Republican, always remembering where she came from and the reason why her family came to the United States, in search of Freedom. As she always says: Cuban by birth and American by choice!

Politics came into Digna’s life in 2015/2016 when she became a volunteer for the Republican Party in Coral Springs supporting Donald J. Trump as President since his nomination as Candidate. Since then, she has been an active member and supporter as a Patriot, God fearing, American freedom seeker true to her ideas, this beautiful country and our President Donald J. Trump.

Eve Bazer


I was born and raised in New York City where I was a committed Liberal who subscribed to the New York Times.  Two men were responsible for my gradual shift to the Right:  Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  After the 1980 election I never looked back.  Since 1990 I’ve resided in South Florida.  Now retired, I worked for the City of Fort Lauderdale for 21 years in various management positions.  In 2007 I was one of the original members and an active participant of the  Fort Lauderdale Tea Party.  Just after the 2016 election I helped found and was the treasurer of the Judeo-Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County.  I’m an avid Zionist and supporter of the Zionist Organization of America and joined them on their last three missions to Israel.  Now I’m anxious to help President Trump get re-elected and ensure that we take back the House of Representatives.

Hugh Hamilton


Hugh is a native New Yorker who has a background in law enforcement but found his true calling as an Institutional Municipal Bond Broker. After nearly 2 decades on Wall Street he moved to Palm Beach just before Y2K and began working in the corporate finance industry. Hugh is currently a licensed life insurance agent with an emphasis on products for high net worth individuals. Recently Hugh has been investing a good portion of his time working on emerging solutions to help eradicate the country’s current opioid epidemic.

Hugh enjoys motorsports, scuba diving and snow skiing. He is a supporter of homeless veteran and animal shelter charities. An animal lover his entire life, his current companions are Eddie the Pom and Nicko the Eskie.

Jose “Joey” Godoy


Jose or Joey as he is known to everyone has been an entrepreneur his entire life which is why he has also been a Republican his whole life. He owns a tree and landscaping service (Joey’s Tree Service) and also does handyman jobs.

Joey’s community service is focused on being President of the Biscayne Bay Foundation which he founded in 2014. Joey uses his boat for cleaning the Biscayne Bay waterfront environment and he is justifiably proud that the Biscayne Bay Foundation Boat won best overall in the 2018 Fort Lauderdale boat parade for its decorations in the 1980’s theme competition. 

Joey supports President Trump and especially appreciates that the economy and employment have improved greatly under his leadership.

Karen Goldfarb


Karen is a veteran in the Direct Marketing/Internet business sphere and is the president of KSG Interactive Marketing Group, LLC. Her specialty is lead generation and data monetization.

Having lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, NJ and South Florida, she deeply appreciates our entire county and is committed to preserving the principles upon which our Constitution was founded.  As a critical thinker, she has found like minded individuals in Americans For Trump who are also actively supporting our President and our Country.

Kim Kelter


Kim was born in Franklin Village, Michigan.  She obtained  a post graduate degree from the University of Michigan and taught school in West Bloomfield. She moved to Florida in the mid-80’s and started in the music business with her own band, later becoming a court reporter.  As a court reporter for over 31 years in South Florida, Kim worked on many high profile precedent-setting cases which were on Dateline NBC six times. She is currently co-producer of the local entertainment T.V. show NiteTime Miami, shown late-night showcasing local talent; musicians and comedians.

Kim’s first interest in politics developed while growing up in Detroit when she met a newspaper editor for the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News and learned the media only lets you know what they want you to, telling editors what to withhold from the paper.  The liberal media has only gotten worse with time.   Kim recommit to political activism during the Obama Administration  as the passing of the Obama (Un) Affordable Care Act became a personal nightmare.

Another cause near and dear to her heart is to fight anti-Semitism which she first experienced as a child when she learned that many national and/or Detroit insurance companies would not let a Jewish agency represent them.  The two-man office her grandfather and father started grew into one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies in the country.  The company expanded with offices in various cities to service their clients, creating exclusive coverage’s, not only landing a Time Magazine cover, but Henry Ford, a known anti-Semite, as a client. Her grandfather was known for hiring the handicapped, his big heart, and being a pillar of the community. Kim vowed to never be ashamed of the heritage she was born into.

The passion and competence that President Trump brings to running the government is one of the things that Kim most admires about our Commander in Chief.  She believes that his business mindset and experience fully equip him for the Presidency.  His promises and love for this country and for the well-being for it’s citizens are what brought her on board the Trump Train as he says and does what he says he will do.

In addition to her zest for politics, Kim has organized, worked, and participated in several charities, including a Reebok Stepathon with Don Shula for breast cancer, tennis tournament and dinner in two states for Gilda’s Club, Zumbathon for breast cancer, Kids in Distress all-day street stage event, and Turkey Trot for Parkinson’s. She is a certified group fitness, Zumba instructor, and personal trainer.

Maoz M. Halevy (Also Known As: Commander M)


Commander M served in the Special forces of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Upon completion of active duty with the IDF, he worked in the Israeli Police as a Sniper,  was also an Undercover Detective with the Youth department, and a Marine Police Officer. Commander M was the head instructor for the Israeli government offices and led the Evacuation and Counter Terrorism training. He was also a Private Investigator and a businessman.

After coming to the United States, Commander M created SSC – Tactical, a School where he uses his military and police training and experience to teach and train American Patriots how to protect themselves with Hand-to-Hand combat.  At his facility, he and his certified Instructors teach SSC students how to earn their Concealed Carry Weapon (C.C.W.) permit.   Commander M personally trains the SSC students on how to handle their weapons in a controlled, outdoor, arena.

Commander M states that the reasons he supports President Trump are obvious to any conservative:

  • Trump is wise and inspiring
  • No other American President has ever done for Israel what President Trump has done, specifically, President Trump stated that he was going to move the            American Embassy to Jerusalem and he did it. 
  • President Trump is a man and President of his word. 
  • President Trump is a man who cares deeply for the American people and the values that have made it a great nation. 
  • President Trump cares for all people in countries around the world.

Marie Fischer


Marie Fischer, originally from Memphis Tennessee, is a resident of Frederick County Maryland, where she was a 2018 primary candidate for the Frederick County Board of Education.  Marie is an IT Specialist in Higher education with over 20 years of experience in IT and has worked as a freelance political consultant on various State of Maryland campaigns. She attended NYU, has a degree in Liberal Arts, and is currently pursuing a second degree in Communications.  With a strong interest in politics as well as Jewish causes since college at NYU, she was part of the very small College Republicans, Hillel, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, as well as President of the NYU Inter-Sorority and Sisterhood Council. Marie is currently a lifetime member of Hadassah and board member of Frederick County’s Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying organization.

Ms. Fischer was recently had a featured clip on Breitbart as one of the speakers at the initial #JEXIT rally in Washington DC on May 7th.  Ms. Fischer is an Orthodox Convert to Judaism and the clip highlighted that she has endured more Anti-Semitism than racism since most do not expect her to be Jewish upon first encounters.

Ms. Fischer is currently serving as the 3rd Vice President for the Maryland Federation of Republican Women (MFRW).  She was recently elected Vice President of the Maryland Republican Women Leaders (an MFRW organization), and is the President of the Republican Club of Frederick County.  She is also a member of Project 21, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of Black Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility have not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment.

This past May, Marie received the Diana Waters Maryland Republican Woman of the Year for 2018 by the Maryland State Republican Party.

Mark Craddock


Mark Craddock was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and grew up in S. FL. He studied Commercial Art and Industrial Management at Broward College, graduated from McFatter Technical College in Computer Graphics. He holds a Florida Real Estate Sales License and a Cosmetology License. Mark retired from the City of Delray where he worked in the Utilities Department (Water/Sewer) as a licensed Water Technician. He became involved in politics when he voted in his first election for George Bush Sr. He has been a Republican ever since.  He worked Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2016 election and has become active in campaigning since and plans to work more campaigns in the future including Donald Trump.  He is an avid Trump supporter and has been a member of the Tamarac Republican Club for two years.

Marlene Marin


Marlene was born in Brooklyn New York and moved to South Florida as a child.  She has a degree in private investigation and has had a varied career which includes twenty years working with the handicapped and she currently owns a promotional products business (One Million Friends of Madison) which also supplies t-shirts to large companies.

Her community service includes serving as the Vice President on the board of the Biscayne Bay Foundation, helping the homeless and cleaning the environment. She supports President Trump in his efforts to Drain the Swamp and rid our country of government corruption. She is also a martial artist.

Michael Coker

Chairman AFT Black Americans for Trump

Originally from Illinois, Michael Coker has been a hard core Republican for more than 35 years. Involved in politics as a conservative voice while graduating from a Liberal college, Michael has always stood up for conservative values as a black Republican. Michael is an active member of the Republican Party.  He volunteered for Governor Rick Scott’s campaign twice and worked with and provided social media to the Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2016.  He continued his volunteer work by making phone calls in both the primary and midterm elections in 2018 to elect Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott. His professional career consists of 20 + years in construction and engineering project management which he used to transitioned into construction law as a construction paralegal/legal expert. Michael provide support to construction law attorneys and other legal support staff to find the smoking gun for mediation or trial. Michael is a college graduate, attended two law schools, attends churches service twice a week, and considers himself a conservative continuing his Christian walk with the Lord. He is committed to turning Broward Red and uses his conservative blog, Secondopinionpundits – Political Web Magazine to share the conservative message. In his spare time, he is a aational collegiate baseball writer and contemporary reporter, member National College Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), voter For The NCBWA NCAA Division I baseball Top 25 and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) baseball Top 10. He has over ten years of covering collegiate baseball.

Nancy Emerick


I was born in Michigan into a Republican household. I belonged to the Republican Club in High School and graduated from Michigan Start University.  But, back then politics did not play a role in the classroom, the professors were not promoting Socialism.  I moved to Florida and did not get involved in politics until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started their campaigns. This time our Country and our lives literally depended on the outcome of this election. I was with Candidate Trump from the moment he came down the escalator. I started meeting some amazing Republican people that were on the same page as me and I joined the Contemporary Federated Woman’s Republican Club of Boca Raton, of which I am now a board member. During the 2018 elections I starting volunteering in the campaign office in Boca Raton, waved signs and participated in many rallies. That brought me to Scott Newmark’s fantastic group in Broward. It has been an extraordinary experience and I am, and always will be, with President Trump. We must keep fighting the good fight. Thank you Scott, I am honored to accept and be an Ambassador for “Americans for Trump”.

Nancy Wilkinson


Nancy Wilkinson is an alumna of Northeastern University in Boston. She worked in radiology for more than three decades, specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. Now a resident of Highland Beach, Florida, Nancy has long been active in charitable and community affairs. Among her recent activities have been serving on the committee for Pride & Prosecco, the fundraiser for the Delray Beach Public Library, and the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Previously, she has been active in Florida organizations including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boca Raton, the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, the Boca Raton Children’s Museum and the Association for Women in Communications. Earlier, she served with Massachusetts charities including the Interfaith Social Services Feed the Hungry program and Father Bill’s Place. 

Always active as a high-energy athlete, Nancy has run four marathons and many shorter races, and now skydives. She applied her athletic experiences as a coach for fundraisers sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Pallotta Teamworks Boston 3-Day breast cancer event. 

Nasrin Mohammadi


I am an Iranian American. I have been a member of student movement for freedom and democracy an Iran. My brother and sister, Akbar, Mouchehr and Simin Mohammadi were also members of the movement. Akbar was killed under torture after over seven years of imprisonment. Manouchehr escaped after seven years being behind bars.

I was sent abroad in 2001 by the student movement in order to amplify the voice of suppressed Iranians and to defend basic Human Rights. I am an experienced professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience in human rights and as a political activist, reporting interpreter (Farsi Linguist) and investigation reporting (in Iran and USA). I am a result-oriented professional with strong organizational planning, self starter, and decision-maker.


  • PhD. Leadership
  • Student – Present
  • Master in Organization and Leadership
  • School of Journalism of Tehran – Tehran, Iran


  • Certificate of Journalism

Specific Achievements

  • Co-Writer of (with my late brother Akbar Mohammadi) a book name “Ideas and Lashes” currently Published by X-Libras publications
  • Letter of recognition from President George W. Bush
  • Best writing award for the national competition for writing at high school
  • Fluent in both English and Farsi languages


I played in the movie named “SEAT OF JUSTICE” as an Iranian reporter and in “CIRCLE” as a widow of an assassinated victim. I was a human rights political activist gathering information as well as informing the public regarding the political and regime-related acts that were involving the prisoners of Iran. I worked as a newscaster for two years. I have been a member of the SAG-AFTRA One Union since 2009. I have worked closely with amnesty International. I have worked closely with the United Nation (UNHCR) in Turkey and helped to resettle dozens of Iranian refugees.

I have met or contacted with many influential people such as President George W. Bush, Mr. Javier Solana, Kenneth Timmerman (writer and journalist), Michael Leddin (writer and journalist), Randy L. Nobel (human Rights activist), Mr. Drewery Dyke (Amnesty International), Richard Pearl, Jimmy Delshad (Mayor of Beverly Hills), John Mirish (Mayor), William W. Brien (Mayor), and many more for obtaining support for my people.

As a woman in Iran, it was very difficult to gain access to certain people and government agencies, but my persistence always made me successful. 

Noemi Frontoni


Noemi Frontoni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and came to live in  Florida in 1999. She was a flight attendant for Argentina Airlines and traveled the world from 1971 till 1991.  Noemi came to this country legally and became an American Citizen embracing her duties from the very beginning with love and passion.   She is fluent in English, Spanish and also understands Italian. During the last 20 years she worked in different places and retired at age 65.  She enjoyed working for Department Stores and sold various products thru telemarketing. Her last job was at the nonprofit organization Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies.  Noemi was in an administrative position and acted as a liaison between the pregnant mothers and the assistance offered by the national government.

She supported President Trump’s policies in 2016 and became loyal to his movement . Truly believing that Freedom is the most precious thing that a country and a human being should have and willing to defend the right to exercising it is her philosophy. In 2018 Noemi became a volunteer for the Republican Party supporting Governor Ron DeSantis at early elections for PBC.  She is highly organized, dedicated and committed to her goals. Her objective is to assist the Republican Party to ensure President Trump’s re-election for 2020.

Dr. Richard V. Fuchs


Dr. Richard V. Fuchs is a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Chiropractor. Born in New York, he attended Boston University and Life Chiropractic College. He has always been passionate about helping people health emotionally and physically from pain. He is now semi-retired and his passion is devoted to his country and consecutive beliefs.

A fellow patriot and Nationalist, he constantly instills our president’s message. Make America Great Again! to patients and friends. He never gives up!!!

Rich Rosell


Rich is currently the Police Chief and Public Safety Director for the Town of Indian River Shores, FL.  He is the former Director of Public Safety for both the Town of Dover, NJ and Township of Springfield, NJ, and a 27 year veteran of the New Jersey State Police, where he held numerous operational command positions, retiring at the rank of Captain.

He is a nationally recognized expert in Homeland Security, having served in several such capacities throughout his careers in Public Safety and the military, as well as having managed components of preparation, response, and recovery related to such natural disasters as Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, Matthew, Irma, and Sandy. He has authored several Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Anti-terrorism strategies, as well as published a thesis in the Homeland Security Digital Library of the Naval Postgraduate School on Homeland Security Strategy Development. He also authored the first draft of the State of New Jersey Homeland Security Strategy.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Thomas Edison State College in Human Services, a Master’s Degree from Seton Hall University in Human Resources Training and Development, and a Master’s Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Homeland Defense and Security Studies, as well as 18 credits in Drew University’s Doctor of Letters program. He is a published author of several public safety related articles in law enforcement and investigative magazines.  Chief Rosell has extensive experience teaching at the graduate level as an adjunct professor for Seton Hall University and Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as decades of police and military training experience.

Rich is a veteran of the US Marines, the Army National Guard, and the US Army Reserve.

Robert M. Easton Jr. OD FAAO


Dr. Bob Easton has been an Optometrist practicing in the greater Fort Lauderdale area since graduating from the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) in 1982 and completing his internship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida.  Bob is a past President and Trustee of the Broward County Optometric Association (BCOA).  During his tenure with the BCOA, he began the successful Gold Coast Educational Retreat. Bob chaired the Gold Coast for 5 years.

In 1986, Bob was elected Trustee of the Florida Optometric Association and eventually served as FOA’s President in 1993-94.  During his tenure with the FOA, Bob began the Vision Care Section for the Florida Public Health Association and opened dialogue with the Florida Society of Ophthalmology to work on joint legislation to improve relations between the professions. While serving on the FOA Board, Bob served as the AOA-PAC Representative for Florida. Bob served as Florida’s AOA-PAC rep for 10 years. Bob became a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry in 1996.

 In 1999, Governor Jeb Bush appointed Bob to the State Board of Optometry. Bob served as Chair of Probation, Examination, Continuing Education, and Unlicensed Activity Committees, was Vice-Chair of the Board from 2003-2004 and was elected Chairman in 2005.  In addition, Bob served as the ARBO Representative for the FOA and worked with other members of the Board to add COPE as one of the clearinghouses for continuing medical education for Florida Licensees. In 2003, Bob was re-appointed to the State Board of Optometry by Governor Jeb Bush to serve a second term till 2007.

 In 2006, University of Central Florida College of Sciences awarded Bob the prestigious Professional Achievement Award during the annual Black and Gold Gala. Bob was appointed to the UCF College of Sciences Dean’s Executive Council in 2007 and continues to meet with the Dean of the College of Sciences on a regular basis, In 2009, Dr. Easton was appointed by the provost of UCF as Faculty for the UCF College of Medicine. In addition, Bob was selected to be an Examiner/Consultant for the Florida Board of Optometry in 2009 and became a Diplomate in the American Board of Optometry for 2011-2021.  In 2012, Broward College recognized Dr. Easton in the Hall of Distinction.

In his spare time, Bob continues training in kickboxing. Bob has a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Bob served as the President for his 155 member Rotary Club from 2011-2012. In 2013, Dr. Easton was inducted into the Commerce Club of Fort Lauderdale. His son, Rob, is a anesthesiologist for Pacific Anesthesia in Honolulu, HI and his daughter, Linda, is currently an R.N. at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Bob has been married to Gloria, his Optician, for 35 years.

Sharon Feldstein


Sharon was born and raised in Bronx, N.Y. and relocated to the S. Florida area in 1995. She has received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Theatre-Dance from Queens College, the City University of New York and holds a Masters Degree in Education. Ms. Feldstein has a diversified work experience in Finance, Pharmacy and Teaching.

Her love for politics began when she was in college and became a registered Republican. She became a volunteer at her local Republican Club in Tamarac and has been active in working on campaigns as well as partaking in many rallies and events.

She is a proud Patriot, and is blessed to hold the American flag high in the sky. Sharon is a true believer in G-d, enjoys basic freedom and rights, is an avid reader, and has great love for her family.

Steven Hyatt


Steve Hyatt a life time Floridian with 49 year of political experience. His first race was when his late mother ran for the Hallandale City Commission in 1970. She lost, but on election night, taught Steve one of the many political lessons for his lifetime. She said there are only two outcomes in an election. Regardless of the outcome, the sun will still rise in the morning and you will always have another opportunity to serve. Steve went on to attend Florida State University where he majored in Government and Public Administration. At FSU, he served as President of the College of Republicans.  In 1979, he met the late George H. W. Bush. He volunteered in that campaign against the late Ronald Reagan. President Bush lost the nomination to President Reagan, but Steve was asked to be an Advance-man for the campaign that crushed hapless Jimmy Carter. Steve served as Vice President of the Biscayne Bay Young Republicans from 1883 to 1993. During that time, Steve worked on the Reagan/Bush campaign and four other state legislative campaigns. Ine 1988, Steve served as Florida Deputy Director for the Bob Dole for President campaign He also served as Precinct Committeeman for the Dade County Republican Executive Committee. He was also involved in George H.W. Bush’s unsuccessful re-election campaign in 1992.

Steven closed out the 1990’s by working for the Bob Dole’s Presidential campaign in 1996. In 2000, Steve worked on the recount battle between George W. Bush and Alan Gore. He joined, for the first time, the Broward Executive Committee in 1998. He was also involved in the Mitt Romney and John McCain campaigns.

Shortly after winning his battle against cancer, he helped his good friend, John Pisula, run for Davie City Council.  Steve served as Vice President of Davie / Cooper City Republican Club. In 2004, Steve was appointed the BREC general legal counsel by former BREC Chairman, Tom Truex. Steve served as the Precinct Committeeman for the Davie area.

In 2016, Steve successfully managed successfully his brother, Mark’s campaign for Plantation City Council. He also managed unsuccessfully the campaign for Danny Diaz for the Pompano City Commission That year, Steve formed the RCR company LLC. RCR is a political consulting company that provides political consulting for national, Florida statewide, federal, legislative, judicial and local campaigns. Steve was asked by his good friend Carlos Reyes to serve as Senior Political Director for his congressional campaign.

Steve has been asked to head our organization efforts to win the Christian vote for the President in 2020. His unmatched political experienced will help us in those efforts!