Scott Newmark

President / Founder

Scott Newmark was born in Boston Massachusetts and has spent the last 30+ years residing in South Florida, practicing law and serving his community. Mr. Newmark has always had a keen interest in political matters, proceeding the years he spent at the University of Miami School of Law. This is the very motivation which led Mr. Newmark to form the Americans for Trump organization, based in Broward County. As the Founder and President of Americans for Trump, Mr. Newmark’s key objective upon which he and his organization are steadily focused, is to promote the Keep America Great agenda with initiatives such as to assist in the Elections of Pro-Trump Candidates Statewide/Nationwide and the 2020 re-election race for President Trump.

Carol Moroco

Vice President

Originally from Pennsylvania, Carol has lived and worked in South Florida for the past 20 years. She is a seasoned business leader known for her capacity to cultivate strategic relationships and build trust. Prior to Carol obtaining her MBA from Pennsylvania State University, she worked in the field of special education.

Carol has been a positive innovative leader with local non-profits such as the Ann Storck Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, Six Degrees Young Professionals Organization, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber, Leadership Fort Lauderdale Graduate, Women’s Executive Council, Rotary International, Touch Project Community Outreach to the Homeless and the Humane Society Walk for the Animals. She has been recognized as a Woman of Distinction Nominee by the March of Dimes and as a Dynamic Leader by BNI.

Having lived abroad, Carol is more than aware of the blessings bestowed upon her by living in a democratic republic and this is why she is an advocate of conservative policies. She is Pro-Life and has participated in the March For Life in Washington DC. Carol supports President Trump’s agenda and is a critical part of the leadership team of Americans For Trump.


Dan Edmonds


Dan is originally from Massachusetts and has been a Fort Lauderdale resident since 2014.  He has been active in political campaigns both in his home state and here in Florida.  Dan was on board with President Trump since Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination and remains a staunch supporter of our President.  He is active on Twitter as @DanWantsFreedom. Dan currently works for Team Unified of Artik Pay in credit card processing. 

Frank D’Avanzo

Senior Advisor and Director

Frank D’Avanzo has also been involved in many local and county political campaigns. As the immediate past President of Broward County Crimestoppers, Frank has worked with many of the local Police Chiefs and Federal Agencies such as the FBI, The U.S. Marshals, The Secret Service and ICE. Frank’s passion to support the President and the #MAGA movement has led him to become The Senior Advisor for Americans for Trump Broward.

Frank J. Sosta, Jr.


Originally from Hyde Park, New York, Frank J. Sosta Jr. moved to Florida in 1989. Married to his wife Sandy, they have five sons and seven grandsons. As a second-generation gentleman’s groomer of 51 years, Sosta owns the Royal Cut Barber Shop in Vero Beach.

A recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award through the Corporation for National and Community Service and Points of Light, Sosta is an immediate past Vice Chair of the Republican Executive Committee, Chairman of the Ron DeSantis for Governor campaign and Vice-Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign along the Treasure Coast in Indian River County.

Sosta is longtime President of the Republican Cub of Indian River, currently serves on the membership committee of the Indian River County Republican Party and is an experienced fundraiser. Having served the community extensively through Rotary International, little league baseball and the PTA, Sosta was a volunteer fireman for 17 years, retiring at the rank of Captain.

Jodi Sandak


Jodi is a seasoned professional with thirty years plus experience in all divisions of the legal field. Jodi started her legal career as a paralegal for a multi billion dollar judgment firm in Miami, Florida and progressed her career to COO and co-founder of a multi million dollar foreclosure firm in Fort Lauderdale with top clients Goldman Sachs and Fifth Third Bank to name a few. Outside the office, Jodi has dedicated her time to the Republican Party as a volunteer since 2003, has also been a volunteer for two local dog rescues and now volunteers endless hours in her latest position as Director of the Board for Americans for Trump. Jodi attributes her devotion to conservative causes to her parents whose allegiance to the Republican party dates to President Eisenhower. She knows the sacrifices of our military families as her father is a Korean War veteran and 2017 Honor Flight Recipient. Jodi has structured her life in accordance with her family values. Jodi can be contacted at or cell phone 305.710.8521.

Michelle Lubin Terris


Michelle is a proven and accomplished executive with extensive experience in diverse roles within corporate and non-profit organizations. Michelle was recognized and honored by NBC 6 with the “Spirit of South Florida” award, as she is always there to help those who are in need. Besides running her own company, she spends most of her time working with her charities and foundation, Michelle has completed several marathons in order to raise awareness and funds for the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation. She runs those marathons in honor of her mother and all those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Michelle worked on the Trump 2016 Campaign as the Broward Cochair for Jews for Trump Coalition. She devoted countless hours to campaigning for President Trump and now volunteers for Americans for Trump, Inc. 

Michelle is the proud mother of son Paxton (19) and daughter Peyton (17)

Tracy Weintraub, CPA


Tracy was born and educated in New York.  He has spent his entire professional CPA career in South Florida, serving clients across the country. Tracy’s background includes years of practice with local and large regional firms. In 2012, Tracy opened his own firm. Tracy has been active in the community including being a former board member of Riverwalk Trust, Unicorn Children’s Foundation and former board chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County. Tracy is a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Tracy has been married since 1983 and he and his wife have two married children and three grandchildren.  


Alexandra Levine


Born and raised in Sarasota, FL, Alexandra dealt with anti-Semetism through elementary and middle school where she was the only Jewish woman in the classroom. After being Bat Mitzvahed at the age of 13, Alexandra dedicated her life to educating her classmates and any other minority that didn’t know about Judaism and Judeo-Christian values. At the age of 18, Alexandra went to Israel with Birthright and worked with the IDF to understand the politics of Israel and how strong an ally Israel is to America and how we should never turn our back on them.

Politics was always apart of Alexandra’s life but she didn’t get fully involved until the 2016 election. Alexandra started the Jews 4 Trump movement in Sarasota County which has become a national success. Alexandra also became the State leader for Florida, Maryland, and DC for the America 1st Coalition which she still is to this day. When the President and founder of #JEXIT, Michelle Terris, contacted Alexandra to be one of the founding members of #JEXIT and be on the board, Alexandra knew this was her calling. Alexandra, being a young Jewish millennial herself, has dedicated half her life to educating the young Jewish millennial on exiting the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party does not represent the Jewish community anymore and the party is now being taken over by anti-Semites and people in Congress that work with terrorist organizations.

Alexandra Levine, Michelle Terris, Jody Steinlauf and Scott and Carol Newmark brought #JEXIT to DC May 7,2019 and have received nationwide praise for their efforts and accolades for calling out the enemy. Now, with the help of Sagee Goldenholtz, who is also on the board of #JEXIT, we are taking our rallies on the road to Minnesota, New York, and Florida and eventually all over the nation!

Andrew Brett

President Broward Log Cabin Republicans

Andrew was born into Politics! His grandfather Dr. George J Brett, a Republican, ran for Governor of Pennsylvania in the early ‘60s and his Uncle was County Commissioner (’76-82.), though a Democrat!! But then he “walked away” in the 90’s and became a Republican BEFORE today’s #move away movement!!!

 Andrew’s first involvement within the Republican Party was in 1978 supporting and grass campaigning for Dick Thornburg, the only 2 term Pennsylvanian Republican Governor to date. I then followed this by working the largest Pennsylvania Congressional Districts east of the Mississippi with victories in 1984/86/88!!

While attending Penn State, Andrew formed the College Republicans of Penn State in 1984.

Living in Madison, Wisconsin (’95-‘00), Andrew was co-founder and President  of Action Wisconsin, a bi-partisan action GLBT PAC. As a conservative voice along with other Log Cabin Republicans in Wisconsin, Andrew worked across the isle with MANY Democrats most notably then State Rep. Tammy Baldwin (d-Madison) now US Senator… in supporting equality for the GLBT community.  Andrew testified as one of a hand full of  Republicans before the Wisconsin House Subcommittee supporting Gay Marriage in 1998.

Moving to south Florida in 2000, Andrew  continued to be a conservative voice within the GLBT community. During President Trump’s campaign, Andrew worked tirelessly within that community with a lot of resistance and negativity that didn’t phase Andrew’s determination in talking about the President’s message and the huge failures of the previous 8 years .

Andrew’s core conservative values support: pro- life, a strong national defense, our veterans, less taxes and government  and equality for ALL.

During  the 2018 Mid Term elections , Andrew worked diligently to elect Governor Ron DeSantis.

Andrew’s unwavering support of President Trump and his agenda is why he’s one of our valued ambassadors and currently Vice President of Log Cabin Republicans of Broward County.

Arnie Silva


I grew up in Wilton Manors, Florida. I am married to Barbara Campbell and live in Oakland Park, Florida.  a graduate of Bob Jones University in 1986. I have supported President Trump from early on and believe in the vision “make America great again”. I am involved in social media on Facebook and Twitter in support of President Trump.

Barbie Rizzo


Barbie Rizzo is a nurse, realtor, and Native New Yorker.  She is passionate about animal abuse, the plight of the homeless and, most importantly, our President. She is a true patriot and nationalist; a lover of her country and President.  Barbie supports President Trump and his MAGA agenda 100%. She has attended political rallies supporting Republican candidates,  advocates for Americans For Trump National and Trump 45 Club in West Palm Beach. She can be seen on the Southern Ave Bridge holding her Trumpster Chihuahua waving to the President upon his arrival at Mar-a-Lago . She and other supporters are known as the Bridge people . She and her Chihuahua have appeared in the Palm Beach post and have been interviewed by MSNBC. 

Bharat Vasudevan

AFT Ambassador and Chair of AFT Asian Indians for Trump
Bharat is a Freelance Writer for where he investigates liberal organizations and devious groups posting as allied Watch Dog groups. His mission is to expose their intent, their influence and their funding as well as who they fund. He also write editorials for the Center of international Relations such as an article entitled “What the West can Learn from the East”, which talks about Islam and the Jihad that has been going on since the late 600’s. 
Bharat was formerly a military contractor for Walter Reed doing Cybersecurity. He was also given a position by the Schaefer Corporation to do contract work for the Department of Homeland Security to do nuclear detection in 2013, which was cancelled due to Obama’s government shutdown and the Nuclear deal with Iran.

Cantor Sagee Goldenholz


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Sagee Goldenholz grew up surrounded by Jewish muisc. Cantor Goldenholz began his musical education at age five studying classical piano and has since achieved numerous awards in piano and voice. At the early age of 19, Sagee began his career as a Cantor conducting services for various congregations and soon after he was appointed to his first pulpit in south Florida. Sagee continues to study with his mentor, prominent voice teacher, Cantor Avshalom Zfira. Cantor Goldenholz has performed with the Florida Grand Opera, Palm Beach Opera and in various concerts and recitals throughout Florida and abroad. Sagee and his wife Shera have three children, Orli, Sivan, and Yaniv. He is a graduate of the University of Miami and is currently serving Temple Beth Shalom, Boca Raton, FL.

Celia Guistolisi


I made my mark in Chicago as a special education teacher, and as a co founder of SWWC County Special Olympics. My greatest achievement was testifying and bringing to justice nine realtors for discrimination. I arrived in Florida approximately forty-eight years ago settled in Broward County and became involved as a Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. I joined the sales force of Playbill becoming a regional sales manager with an office in Parker Playhouse. I thereafter moved to Boca Raton and was invited to become Vice President of fundraising for the South Florida Symphony followed by the Presidency of the Palm Beach and Broward funding arm. After my husband passed away, I graduated FRSI and co hosted a morning radio show. My passion is my volunteer work as an advocate for MADD and cooking for families at the VA. I am blessed with two children and five grandchildren and my husband Humberto who arrived from Cuba. I am very excited in my new venture as an Ambassador for Americans for Trump. 

Christine McIntyre Hurley


Born in NYC & raised in South Farmingdale, Long Island. At the age of 4, she started taking piano lessons. Her parents wanted her to go to Juliard, but to no avail, her true passion took her on a totally different journey. Christine, proudly, was excepted into the NYCPD Police Academy in 1987. A dream come true! Aiding & helping people had always come easy. What better place to do this, then in the Great City of New York! A life threatening incident occurred and sadly she was forced to retire. She then spent several years volunteering in many capacities. She was amongst the first Project Alert Volunteers of Retired Law Enforcement Officers to join a new group put together by John Walsh & The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Christine & her former husband, moved to Florida in 1994, where shortly she gave birth to her daughter. In 1998 she gave birth to her son. Christine has been involved in many volunteer areas; from class Mom for both her kids, PTA VP for years, Chaperone for her daughter who attended BAC MSOA & Dreyfoos HS. She’s the Secretary for 2 different Non-Profit-Law Enforcement Organizations, and a Committee Member in another.  Christine proudly Campaigned For Allen West, our Amazing President Donald Trump, Rick Scott and our Governor Ron De Santis. She chose to be part of our Driving Force to bring this Wonderful Country BACK to where Morals & Dignity stand firm! It was her duty, as every American, to ensure others do not cheat or take advantage of “the System!” She took part as a Poll Watcher, & Debacle Ballot Counting in Palm Beach County. Christine Loves GOD & HER COUNTRY & is Proud to Be An American & an Ambassador for AFT!!!  WINNING 2020!

David Booth

Chairman Irish Americans for Trump

David Booth is a resident of Pompano Beach where he has resided for 16 of the last 19 years. David is originally from Rochester, New York. David is self employed as an Independent Insurance Agent specializing in insurance products such as Medicare advantage plans and Supplements, Disability Insurance and life insurance for Federal Workers. David lives alone in a high rise Condominium complex near the beach. He enjoys bicycling, walking on the beach, dining out and getting his candidates elected to public office. David has been an avid supporter of president Trump and has supported Mr. Trump since he famously took the escalator to the ground floor of Trump towers to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

David P. Lhota


David Lhota was born in Columbus, Mississippi but raised in Miami, Florida from early childhood. He has spent the last 25 years working as a registered patent attorney in South Florida and serving his community. He currently runs his own law firm while also serving on the Board for the BIG Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged, at-risk and homeless youths, and being actively involved in Americans For Trump. He also volunteers time to Miami-Dade Legal Aid to assist low income people with intellectually property legal matters. He has a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. His daughter is in her third year at the University of Florida and son in his first year at the United States Naval Academy.

Mr. Lhota has substantial experience in the patent, trademark and copyright process, litigation and electrical and mechanical engineering. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University in 1987 and a law degree from the University of Miami in 1994. He is a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and a Board Certified Expert in Intellectual Property with the Florida Bar. Mr. Lhota’s practice focuses on protecting, enforcing and defending the Intellectual Property rights of small to large companies while assisting start-ups and growing businesses. He has broad patent experience in electronics, software, mobile apps, mechanical devices, medical devices, computers, intelligent control systems, physical training devices and others. Mr. Lhota also litigates patent, trademark and copyright cases in Federal Court and represents clients in negotiating and drafting intellectual property related licenses and other contracts. However, he derives the most satisfaction out of helping those less fortunate.

Prior to law school, Mr. Lhota was an Electrical Systems Design Engineer with Sikorsky Aircraft and Hamilton Standard, both Divisions of United Technologies Corporation. While at Sikorsky, he designed and developed automated test systems for performing static and dynamic stress analysis testing on aircraft and aircraft components, including transmissions, rotors, blades, servos, etc. Following Sikorsky, Mr. Lhota spent two years with Hamilton Standard developing software driven diagnostic test systems for performing diagnostic testing on electronic engine controls, environmental systems and fuel controls.

Digna D. Balcunas


Digna Balcunas was born in Cuba under the Fidel Castro communist regime. Her family left Cuba during the “Freedom Flights” as legal immigrants in 1968 and arrived in Puerto Rico where they lived for 6 years. In 1974 her family moved to Miami and subsequently to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1975, until the present time. 

She graduated from Dillard High School, attended Broward College and at the same time, started working for the Broward County Clerk of Court for 35 years until retirement. 

Digna is the mother of 2 children and widow to Officer Peter Balcunas who was a Reservist for the USMC (Vietnam 67-68) and a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer until retirement. She also volunteers as Secretary, Registration Chairperson and Official for Florida Gold Coast Amateur Boxing (a youth organization) under the umbrella of the United Stated Olympic Amateur Boxing since 1988.

In 1986 Digna became an American Citizen and immediately registered as a Republican, always remembering where she came from and the reason why her family came to the United States, in search of Freedom. As she always says: Cuban by birth and American by choice!

Politics came into Digna’s life in 2015/2016 when she became a volunteer for the Republican Party in Coral Springs supporting Donald J. Trump as President since his nomination as Candidate. Since then, she has been an active member and supporter as a Patriot, God fearing, American freedom seeker true to her ideas, this beautiful country and our President Donald J. Trump.

Elad Hakim

Chairman AFT Jews for Trump

Elad Hakim is a writer, commentator and an attorney. His articles have been published in the Washington Examiner, The Federalist, The Daily Caller, The Western Journal, American Thinker and other online publications and he has appeared on several Conservative radio shows. Elad’s passion for writing about various issues from a conservative perspective led him to start a blog, which he named Thoughtfully Conservative.  Elad obtained his undergraduate degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his JD from the University of Miami School of Law. He has practiced law in Florida since 2001.

Elad is a staunch supporter of our president and of the AFT agenda. He recognizes the importance of educating people about the crucial issues facing the country and why it is so important to support President Trump’s agenda. Towards that end, Elad looks forward to working with AFT, promoting the values of the organization and assisting with President Trump’s 2020 re-election race.

Eve Bazer


I was born and raised in New York City where I was a committed Liberal who subscribed to the New York Times.  Two men were responsible for my gradual shift to the Right:  Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  After the 1980 election I never looked back.  Since 1990 I’ve resided in South Florida.  Now retired, I worked for the City of Fort Lauderdale for 21 years in various management positions.  In 2007 I was one of the original members and an active participant of the  Fort Lauderdale Tea Party.  Just after the 2016 election I helped found and was the treasurer of the Judeo-Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County.  I’m an avid Zionist and supporter of the Zionist Organization of America and joined them on their last three missions to Israel.  Now I’m anxious to help President Trump get re-elected and ensure that we take back the House of Representatives.

Hugh Hamilton


Hugh is a native New Yorker who has a background in law enforcement but found his true calling as an Institutional Municipal Bond Broker. After nearly 2 decades on Wall Street he moved to Palm Beach just before Y2K and began working in the corporate finance industry. Hugh is currently a licensed life insurance agent with an emphasis on products for high net worth individuals. Recently Hugh has been investing a good portion of his time working on emerging solutions to help eradicate the country’s current opioid epidemic.

Hugh enjoys motorsports, scuba diving and snow skiing. He is a supporter of homeless veteran and animal shelter charities. An animal lover his entire life, his current companions are Eddie the Pom and Nicko the Eskie.

Jose “Joey” Godoy


Jose or Joey as he is known to everyone has been an entrepreneur his entire life which is why he has also been a Republican his whole life. He owns a tree and landscaping service (Joey’s Tree Service) and also does handyman jobs.

Joey’s community service is focused on being President of the Biscayne Bay Foundation which he founded in 2014. Joey uses his boat for cleaning the Biscayne Bay waterfront environment and he is justifiably proud that the Biscayne Bay Foundation Boat won best overall in the 2018 Fort Lauderdale boat parade for its decorations in the 1980’s theme competition. 

Joey supports President Trump and especially appreciates that the economy and employment have improved greatly under his leadership.

Jody Steinlauf

Chair AFT Ambassador to #JEXIT

I am a Patriot who truly believes that the Democratic Party has become too far to the left, and our fellow Jewish liberal’s have yet to realize this! I graduated FIU with a bachelors degree in business management. From there I worked in banking for 5 years before becoming a full time mother. After many years of a “stay at home” mom, I decided to get my real estate license and work in the real estate industry. That was 25 years ago!

My career has been very successful and a bit challenging! I’ve won many awards throughout my career, one as “rookie of the year” in my first year! I love what I do, and will continue to service my clients for many more years.

However, I find that there is another “calling” in my life! I was never involved in politics until Obama was elected president! Since then I realized our country was taking a turn for the worse, and many of my Jewish liberal friends didn’t see it and still haven’t! I tried throughout the years since his presidency to educate and factually share information to my friends that keep blindly voting for their party. I HAVE converted many but my job is not done! Therefore, I will continue to reach out to those who still “don’t get it”. 

I am passionate when it comes to saving this country of which I love so dearly!


Karen Goldfarb


Karen is a veteran in the Direct Marketing/Internet business sphere and is the president of KSG Interactive Marketing Group, LLC. Her specialty is lead generation and data monetization.

Having lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, NJ and South Florida, she deeply appreciates our entire county and is committed to preserving the principles upon which our Constitution was founded.  As a critical thinker, she has found like minded individuals in Americans For Trump who are also actively supporting our President and our Country.

Kim Kelter


Kim was born in Franklin Village, Michigan.  She obtained  a post graduate degree from the University of Michigan and taught school in West Bloomfield. She moved to Florida in the mid-80’s and started in the music business with her own band, later becoming a court reporter.  As a court reporter for over 31 years in South Florida, Kim worked on many high profile precedent-setting cases which were on Dateline NBC six times. She is currently co-producer of the local entertainment T.V. show NiteTime Miami, shown late-night showcasing local talent; musicians and comedians.

Kim’s first interest in politics developed while growing up in Detroit when she met a newspaper editor for the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News and learned the media only lets you know what they want you to, telling editors what to withhold from the paper.  The liberal media has only gotten worse with time.   Kim recommit to political activism during the Obama Administration  as the passing of the Obama (Un) Affordable Care Act became a personal nightmare.

Another cause near and dear to her heart is to fight anti-Semitism which she first experienced as a child when she learned that many national and/or Detroit insurance companies would not let a Jewish agency represent them.  The two-man office her grandfather and father started grew into one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies in the country.  The company expanded with offices in various cities to service their clients, creating exclusive coverage’s, not only landing a Time Magazine cover, but Henry Ford, a known anti-Semite, as a client. Her grandfather was known for hiring the handicapped, his big heart, and being a pillar of the community. Kim vowed to never be ashamed of the heritage she was born into.

The passion and competence that President Trump brings to running the government is one of the things that Kim most admires about our Commander in Chief.  She believes that his business mindset and experience fully equip him for the Presidency.  His promises and love for this country and for the well-being for it’s citizens are what brought her on board the Trump Train as he says and does what he says he will do.

In addition to her zest for politics, Kim has organized, worked, and participated in several charities, including a Reebok Stepathon with Don Shula for breast cancer, tennis tournament and dinner in two states for Gilda’s Club, Zumbathon for breast cancer, Kids in Distress all-day street stage event, and Turkey Trot for Parkinson’s. She is a certified group fitness, Zumba instructor, and personal trainer.

Marie Fischer


Marie Fischer, originally from Memphis Tennessee, is a resident of Frederick County Maryland, where she was a 2018 primary candidate for the Frederick County Board of Education.  Marie is an IT Specialist in Higher education with over 20 years of experience in IT and has worked as a freelance political consultant on various State of Maryland campaigns. She attended NYU, has a degree in Liberal Arts, and is currently pursuing a second degree in Communications.  With a strong interest in politics as well as Jewish causes since college at NYU, she was part of the very small College Republicans, Hillel, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, as well as President of the NYU Inter-Sorority and Sisterhood Council. Marie is currently a lifetime member of Hadassah and board member of Frederick County’s Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying organization.

Ms. Fischer was recently had a featured clip on Breitbart as one of the speakers at the initial #JEXIT rally in Washington DC on May 7th.  Ms. Fischer is an Orthodox Convert to Judaism and the clip highlighted that she has endured more Anti-Semitism than racism since most do not expect her to be Jewish upon first encounters.

Ms. Fischer is currently serving as the 3rd Vice President for the Maryland Federation of Republican Women (MFRW).  She was recently elected Vice President of the Maryland Republican Women Leaders (an MFRW organization), and is the President of the Republican Club of Frederick County.  She is also a member of Project 21, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of Black Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility have not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment.

This past May, Marie received the Diana Waters Maryland Republican Woman of the Year for 2018 by the Maryland State Republican Party.

Marlene Marin


Marlene was born in Brooklyn New York and moved to South Florida as a child.  She has a degree in private investigation and has had a varied career which includes twenty years working with the handicapped and she currently owns a promotional products business (One Million Friends of Madison) which also supplies t-shirts to large companies.

Her community service includes serving as the Vice President on the board of the Biscayne Bay Foundation, helping the homeless and cleaning the environment. She supports President Trump in his efforts to Drain the Swamp and rid our country of government corruption. She is also a martial artist.

Maya Medina


Maya was born in Tel Aviv,  Israel and is now a proud American citizen having legally immigrated to the United States in 1976. Maya became a licensed practical nurse in 2001 and has extensive experience in pediatrics, substance abuse and primary care for United States Veterans. Maya choose not to pursue her nursing career further due to her success as an owner of a land development company since 2004. Maya was a volunteer leader and peer-led support group host seven years for RESOLVE the national infertility association in Palm Beach county. Maya actively advocates for recognizing Jewish children born through gestational surrogacy from a host womb that is not Jewish. Maya is a mother to a teenage boy and fraternal boy/girl twins that were born through international gestational surrogacy. Maya is raising her children and lives as a conservative Jewish woman in the Sephardic tradition. Maya’s material grandparents were holocaust survivors as her grandfathers family was wiped out by the holocaust when he was a young man. Maya is an American Patriot who completely embraces President Trump and recognizes all he has done for the State of Israel.Maya will serve as an Ambassador and Chairwoman of the AFT Israel affairs committee 

Michael Coker

Chairman AFT Black Americans for Trump

Originally from Illinois, Michael Coker has been a hard core Republican for more than 35 years. Involved in politics as a conservative voice while graduating from a Liberal college, Michael has always stood up for conservative values as a black Republican.
Michael is an active member of the Republican Party.  He volunteered for Governor Rick Scott’s campaign twice and worked with and provided social media to the Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2016.  He continued his volunteer work by making phone calls in both the primary and midterm elections in 2018 to elect Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott. 
His professional career consists of 20 + years in construction and engineering project management which he used to transitioned into construction law as a construction paralegal/legal expert. Michael provide support to construction law attorneys and other legal support staff to find the smoking gun for mediation or trial.
Michael is a college graduate, attended two law schools, attends churches service twice a week, and considers himself a conservative continuing his Christian walk with the Lord. He is committed to turning Broward Red and uses his conservative blog, Secondopinionpundits – Political Web Magazine to share the conservative message.
In his spare time, he is a aational collegiate baseball writer and contemporary reporter, member National College Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), voter For The NCBWA NCAA Division I baseball Top 25 and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) baseball Top 10. He has over ten years of covering collegiate baseball. 

Michael Kellett


Michael grew up in Paducah, Kentucky and moved to Florida in 2006 after retiring as a power plan operator with the Tennessee Valley Authority. Michael was on active duty with the US Army from 1976 – 1979 and continued his military service with the U.S. Army Reserve from 1992-2003. 

He became actively involved with politics in 2008 when he realized that not all threats were from outside the country and that we need to fight the good fight within the country as well.

When President Trump announced his bid for Presidency, Michael became a soldier for Trump, campaigning for him at every opportunity. He is officially a #WalkAway former Democrat. He’s had the good fortune of attending 3 Trump rallies, one in Broward County, one in Miami pre-election, and the latest in Ft. Myers. He stands firmly with the conservative values of our Republican party and is committed to do his part to ensure a #Trump2020 victory. #MAGA

Michael Sherwood


Michael was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. He worked for a few years in retail for companies like CVS, McCrory Stores and BMW. In 1992 Michael became a New York City Police Officer. He worked in his home town of The Bronx in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. While assigned to Transit District 11 he protected the riders of the New York City Transit system. He was a first responder to the 9/11 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center and worked the recovery long after.

In 2015 Michael retired after a line of duty injury and moved to Vero Beach, FL. He is currently volunteering as a Scout Leader and Mentor with his sons Cub Scout Pack and works with the Indian River Sheriff’s Office in their Community Service Unit as a Special Deputy.

When he arrived in Vero Beach his father introduced him to Frank Sosta Jr. Michael is a lifelong republican and when asked he stepped up and help republicans he did. Michael is currently a member of the Indian River REC and Vice President of the Republican Club of Indian River. He has worked on Trump 2016 and DeSantis for Governor Campaigns and is planning to do anything he can to Re-Elect Donald Trump in 2020.

Michelle Hoff

Chair AFT Praying Patriots for Trump

Michelle Hoff, APRN is an ordained Minister, mother of three and grandmother to two beautiful children. Ms. Hoff is remarkably outspoken
about her love and passion for the Lord first and President Donald Trump. Her political interest began in her early teen years. As consequence, she was involved in school politics in middle and high school. She remembers feeling bad for victims of bullying and stood up for what was important to her. Currently, she stays as an active member of the Republican Party and recently has been appointed Ambassador for “Americans for Trump” for her sincere love, honesty and integrity.

In her early professional career, Michelle worked for Dr. Charles Messa, a prestigious plastic surgeon in Weston, FL for many years. As an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner, Mrs. Hoff owns a successful Medical Spa business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the last 10 years by the name of Timeless Beauty Aesthetics.

Michelle loves the Lord and as an Ordained Minister, she loves to share her love for the Lord with anyone who is interested in learning about Him. She is an active Member of Christians United for Israel and loves educating the uneducated in politics. She is also extremely passionate and outspoken for righteousness, and has a strong desire to clean up the filthy in politics.

Hoff’s accomplishments among others include:

  • Winning woman of the year award for silent victims of crime, 2015
  • Went to congress in 2016 to fight for the Taylor force act
  • Nursing home ministry for 5 years
  • Special needs ministry for 4 years
  • Feeding the homeless for 3 years
  • 5+ year involvement with helping victims of child pedophilia and sex trafficking
  • Supporting underprivileged children in Africa financially for over 15 years
  • Board for Dr. Aiko Hormann International Ministries specializing in healing and deliverance.
  • Member of the “Hungry Woman’s Ministry” in Palm Beach Florida, specializing in healing,
    deliverance, and prayers for Trump Administration.

Mike Essen


Mike Essen became a conservative at 14. The 2 issues that made Mike a conservative in 1985 were his pro-life stance and his staunch anti communist position. From 1999-2005, Mike co-hosted The Steve Kane Show. In 2007, Mike started ” The Mike Essen Show”, otherwise known as “South Florida’s Conservative Voice” and interviewed such guests as Ben Carson, Ron DeSantis, Mike Lee, Allen West and Alveda King. Mike can be heard on

Nancy Emerick


I was born in Michigan into a Republican household. I belonged to the Republican Club in High School and graduated from Michigan Start University.  But, back then politics did not play a role in the classroom, the professors were not promoting Socialism.  I moved to Florida and did not get involved in politics until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started their campaigns. This time our Country and our lives literally depended on the outcome of this election. I was with Candidate Trump from the moment he came down the escalator. I started meeting some amazing Republican people that were on the same page as me and I joined the Contemporary Federated Woman’s Republican Club of Boca Raton, of which I am now a board member. During the 2018 elections I starting volunteering in the campaign office in Boca Raton, waved signs and participated in many rallies. That brought me to Scott Newmark’s fantastic group in Broward.  It has been an extraordinary experience and I am, and always will be, with President Trump. We must keep fighting the good fight. Thank you Scott, I am honored to accept and be an Ambassador for “Americans for Trump”.

Noemi Frontoni


Noemi Frontoni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and came to live in  Florida in 1999. She was a flight attendant for Argentina Airlines and traveled the world from 1971 till 1991.  Noemi came to this country legally and became an American Citizen embracing her duties from the very beginning with love and passion.   She is fluent in English, Spanish and also understands Italian. During the last 20 years she worked in different places and retired at age 65.  She enjoyed working for Department Stores and sold various products thru telemarketing. Her last job was at the nonprofit organization Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies.  Noemi was in an administrative position and acted as a liaison between the pregnant mothers and the assistance offered by the national government.

She supported President Trump’s policies in 2016 and became loyal to his movement . Truly believing that Freedom is the most precious thing that a country and a human being should have and willing to defend the right to exercising it is her philosophy. In 2018 Noemi became a volunteer for the Republican Party supporting Governor Ron DeSantis at early elections for PBC.  She is highly organized, dedicated and committed to her goals. Her objective is to assist the Republican Party to ensure President Trump’s re-election for 2020.

Nivia Lucero

Chair American Latinos for Trump

Born in Connecticut in a family predominantly of Democrats, I was taught to believe they cared for, were devoted to righting wrongs, and were people who helped the Community.  But alas, THOSE WERE the Democrats of “Yesteryear”. I’m not sure when they ceased to exist, early enough I witnessed many biases I strongly rejected. I am an “Independent” thinker and always seek facts. The time arrived, I voted based solely on the CHARACTER of men and women, no matter their party affiliation. Fast forward to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, I “Walked Away”. Jumping in ferociously as a new Republican, I volunteered and became a Poll Assigner in Palm Beach County. Having the pleasure of working with some amazing Republicans of all walks, working in the War room with great Lawyers and the Judge, participating in the process during this past election was extraordinary to say the very least. I firmly believe in President Trump since the day I read his book at age 25. He’s a man of great character regardless what the Democrats wants One to believe. I stand by him. He loves the USA as I do, ALL its people, and strives to Keep us safe and prosperous. 

Paula Prudente

Chair AFT Palm Beach County Liaison for Trump

Paula Prudente was born and educated in Port Washington, Long Island, New York, and has always been a proud patriot as were her immigrant grandparents whom arrived at Ellis Island, New York Harbor in the early 1900’s.  Her family history includes Long Island farmers whom were proud to work with the Trump Family’s Real Estate Construction Workers at the Colonial Stone & Sand Pits that paved and built Manhattan, and many military members who served in World War II, Viet Nam, and the Middle East. 

Not only a partriot, Paula has been on the Trump Train since the very beginning. In June 2015, Paula announced Palm Beach County’s first support team as a Trump Victory Committee and initiated the first Trump Committee Announcements to carpool to Florida’s first Trump Rally taking place at Trump’s Miami Doral Convention Center.   Congressman Brian Mast acknowledged and appreciated Paula‘s hard work for both the President Trump and Mast for Congress Campaigns, and Paula was awarded with a ticket to attend Trump’s Inauguration Ceremonies and DeploraBall in Washington DC, a most memorable and unforgettable Victory for our American People.

Since retiring as a Who’s Who of American Teachers, Paula is a dedicated ProActivist Volunteer for Trump Tea Party grassroots Republican candidates since 2008 serving Palm Beach County Tea Party, FLIMEN-Floridians for Legal Immigration Enforcement, Republican Executive Committeewoman, Sponsoring Student Republican Groups, Charity Events, International Piano Guild, Second Ammendment Coalition with Friends of NRA, and Candidates Campaign Fundraiser Hosting, sign waving, printing and distributing Voter Guides daily 7am-6 pm at Supv of Elections Early Voting/Primaries, Election Days; Classroom Teachers Assoc. Lead Rep, and Americans For Prosperity.

Paula Prudente is currently a Candidate for Palm Springs Village Council District 2, which will hopefully be at her first Agenda Item voted by newly elected Village Council members  to be annexed with neighboring Trump International Golf Club on Summit Blvd.  

Renee Ricco


Renée was raised and still lives in Rochester NY.  She comes from a patriotic military family and taught to love God and Country at a young age. 

She runs a Wealth Management practice at Merrill Lynch. She holds the prestigious Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification which is an advanced education program instructed by the Wharton School of Business and awarded by the Investment Management Consultants Association.  Renée has also earned the distinguished designation of Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM (CRPC®), through the College for Financial Planning and is a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA).

Renée is a past Advisor Board Member for Roberts Wesleyan College, Seniorsfirst and the Endowment Investment Committee for the YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County NY.

Renée’s interest in politics began during the Reagan years.  She serviced on a local Republican Committee during the 1990’s.  During these years, Renée was a Foreign Exchange Trader for Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan) pre-Euro.  As part of her role, Renée was responsible for monitoring geo-political economic and historical events, and their corresponding impact on the global capital markets and client financial assets.  This experience continued to fuel her interest in both global and national politics. Renée was also responsible for providing the daily stock market report for a local radio station.

Renée was a guest for the radio station 97.2 WGMD. The Talk of Delmarva, providing independent economic and political commentary during 2010-2012.

When then-citizen Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States in 2015, Renée was both inspired and compelled to join “The Trump Train”. Recognizing the critical crossroad that America was facing, she desired to get involved in his MAGA agenda by spreading his message anytime and anywhere she could.

Dr. Richard V. Fuchs


Dr. Richard V. Fuchs is a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Chiropractor. Born in New York, he attended Boston University and Life Chiropractic College. He has always been passionate about helping people health emotionally and physically from pain. He is now semi-retired and his passion is devoted to his country and consecutive beliefs.

A fellow patriot and Nationalist, he constantly instills our president’s message. Make America Great Again! to patients and friends. He never gives up!!!

Robert M. Easton Jr. OD FAAO


Dr. Bob Easton has been an Optometrist practicing in the greater Fort Lauderdale area since graduating from the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) in 1982 and completing his internship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida.  Bob is a past President and Trustee of the Broward County Optometric Association (BCOA).  During his tenure with the BCOA, he began the successful Gold Coast Educational Retreat. Bob chaired the Gold Coast for 5 years.

In 1986, Bob was elected Trustee of the Florida Optometric Association and eventually served as FOA’s President in 1993-94.  During his tenure with the FOA, Bob began the Vision Care Section for the Florida Public Health Association and opened dialogue with the Florida Society of Ophthalmology to work on joint legislation to improve relations between the professions. While serving on the FOA Board, Bob served as the AOA-PAC Representative for Florida. Bob served as Florida’s AOA-PAC rep for 10 years. Bob became a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry in 1996.

 In 1999, Governor Jeb Bush appointed Bob to the State Board of Optometry. Bob served as Chair of Probation, Examination, Continuing Education, and Unlicensed Activity Committees, was Vice-Chair of the Board from 2003-2004 and was elected Chairman in 2005.  In addition, Bob served as the ARBO Representative for the FOA and worked with other members of the Board to add COPE as one of the clearinghouses for continuing medical education for Florida Licensees. In 2003, Bob was re-appointed to the State Board of Optometry by Governor Jeb Bush to serve a second term till 2007.

 In 2006, University of Central Florida College of Sciences awarded Bob the prestigious Professional Achievement Award during the annual Black and Gold Gala. Bob was appointed to the UCF College of Sciences Dean’s Executive Council in 2007 and continues to meet with the Dean of the College of Sciences on a regular basis, In 2009, Dr. Easton was appointed by the provost of UCF as Faculty for the UCF College of Medicine. In addition, Bob was selected to be an Examiner/Consultant for the Florida Board of Optometry in 2009 and became a Diplomate in the American Board of Optometry for 2011-2021.  In 2012, Broward College recognized Dr. Easton in the Hall of Distinction.

In his spare time, Bob continues training in kickboxing. Bob has a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Bob served as the President for his 155 member Rotary Club from 2011-2012. In 2013, Dr. Easton was inducted into the Commerce Club of Fort Lauderdale. His son, Rob, is a anesthesiologist for Pacific Anesthesia in Honolulu, HI and his daughter, Linda, is currently an R.N. at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Bob has been married to Gloria, his Optician, for 35 years.

Ryan Murphy


Ryan has lived in Ft Lauderdale for 48 years. Raised in a loving home rich in Christian values. Ryan attended Westminster Academy High School and Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

Ryan’s entire professional career has been working for the State of Florida working with Family and Children with special needs or in the private sector caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. Ryan’s compassion and heart gives incontestably to those in need.

A life long conservative, Ryan embraces Pro Life, Supporting the 2nd Amendment, less tax’s and government and most importantly EMBRACES President Trump and his agenda! Ryan works hard reaching out to the Gay Community in spreading President Trump’s agenda and is stance on INCLUSION for ALL Americans. We welcome as another conservative gay voice to Americans For Trump Broward.

Sofia Manolesco


Sofia Manolesco was born in Romania during the Ceausescu dictatorship.  She comes from a long lineage of freedom fighters who prevented both, the Ottoman Empire and the Bolsheviks from spreading into Western Europe. Her family fled communist persecution when she was eleven, and she subsequently grew up in France and in Canada. Sofia is fluent in Romanian, French and English, she completed two college degrees, one in Professional Theater and one in Psychology.  In pursuit of the American Dream, Sofia moved to Florida in 1992.  She participated in numerous theater productions and has been operating her own Fitness and Personal Training business since 1999.  As Marxist ideology gained ground in America, systematically erasing Western Civilization values, Sofia was deeply moved by Donald Trump’s courage and sacrifice when he stepped up to defend our freedoms and our borders.  She became a tireless supporter and volunteer, vowing to defend the concepts of freedom and self governance guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  She is proud and happy to be part of the grass roots movement which led to the conception of Americans For Trump in Broward.

Steven Hyatt


Steve Hyatt a life time Floridian with 49 year of political experience. His first race was when his late mother ran for the Hallandale City Commission in 1970. She lost, but on election night, taught Steve one of the many political lessons for his lifetime. She said there are only two outcomes in an election. Regardless of the outcome, the sun will still rise in the morning and you will always have another opportunity to serve. Steve went on to attend Florida State University where he majored in Government and Public Administration. At FSU, he served as President of the College of Republicans.  In 1979, he met the late George H. W. Bush. He volunteered in that campaign against the late Ronald Reagan. President Bush lost the nomination to President Reagan, but Steve was asked to be an Advance-man for the campaign that crushed hapless Jimmy Carter. Steve served as Vice President of the Biscayne Bay Young Republicans from 1883 to 1993. During that time, Steve worked on the Reagan/Bush campaign and four other state legislative campaigns. Ine 1988, Steve served as Florida Deputy Director for the Bob Dole for President campaign He also served as Precinct Committeeman for the Dade County Republican Executive Committee. He was also involved in George H.W. Bush’s unsuccessful re-election campaign in 1992.

Steven closed out the 1990’s by working for the Bob Dole’s Presidential campaign in 1996. In 2000, Steve worked on the recount battle between George W. Bush and Alan Gore. He joined, for the first time, the Broward Executive Committee in 1998. He was also involved in the Mitt Romney and John McCain campaigns.

Shortly after winning his battle against cancer, he helped his good friend, John Pisula, run for Davie City Council.  Steve served as Vice President of Davie / Cooper City Republican Club. In 2004, Steve was appointed the BREC general legal counsel by former BREC Chairman, Tom Truex. Steve served as the Precinct Committeeman for the Davie area.

In 2016, Steve successfully managed successfully his brother, Mark’s campaign for Plantation City Council. He also managed unsuccessfully the campaign for Danny Diaz for the Pompano City Commission That year, Steve formed the RCR company LLC. RCR is a political consulting company that provides political consulting for national, Florida statewide, federal, legislative, judicial and local campaigns. Steve was asked by his good friend Carlos Reyes to serve as Senior Political Director for his congressional campaign.

Steve has been asked to head our organization efforts to win the Christian vote for the President in 2020. His unmatched political experienced will help us in those efforts!

Steven Menaged


Steven was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to South Florida with his parents when he was 7 years old. He put himself through college working for IBM and graduated from FAU in 1985 with a BS in Mathematics. He currently is the CEO and partners in a Medical Manufacturing company in Miami. His company specializing in High Speed Dental Equipment, Ultrasonic Instruments and Veterinary Anesthesia Machines / Ventilators to name a few. His products are Made In The USA and sold through major distributors worldwide. This is his 30th year anniversary with Engler Engineering Corporation. Concerned that Hillary could be President he became an American Citizen in 2016 so he could vote for Trump. The quest against the destruction of America is of great concern to him.

Steven is the proud father of his sons David (24), Samuel (22) and his daughter Shira (22).

Valeria J. Bianco


Valeria J Bianco is a Christian, attorney and single Mom to son Drew and daughter in law Davina.   She’s had a 40 year love affair with Broward County Florida that dates back to the 70s’s when her father ran a  county highway expansion project for a private construction firm and her mother was an accountant for a prestigious Fort Lauderdale law firm.          

Valeria joined this team because founders Scott Newmark and Carol Monaco walk the talk when it comes to supporting President Trump. Valeria followed Donald Trump’s achievements since the late 70s. Valeria first met then candidate Trump at his 2015 Doral Rally. He was a gracious gentleman with everyone he encountered. Thereafter, Valeria attended numerous subsequent Trump rallies, worked for the 2016 election committee, attended the 2017 inauguration in DC and  presidential tarmac events at PBI.

In March, 2017, President Trump gave Valeria and 6 other supporters  the surprise of a life time. After he waved to them on the Bridge to Mar a Lago, he sent his senior advance man with a van and an invitation for an impromptu Presidential meet and greet.  

The Lucky 7 (Valeria’s nick-name for their small group) were escorted into the grand ballroom and had an intimate introduction to the President.  He personally thanked all of them and graciously posed for individual and group photos.

Since her first Trump event in 2015, Valeria can say with assurance and first- hand knowledge that the President and First Lady make a spectacular team for the turbulent times we live in.   They appreciate their supporters in Florida, the USA and around the globe. Most of all, they love God and our country and don’t’ squander the opportunity we gave them.

Committeemen / Committeewomen

Gregory Henry

American Latinos for Trump

A lifelong Republican, Gregory Henry has promoted conservative principles for over 50 years. He has lived and studied in both Canada and Mexico prior to earning his BA and MBA degrees from the University of Notre Dame. Following a diverse career in finance with Metlife in New Orleans and the New York City headquarters, he has devoted his energies to financial and taxation consulting and public speaking in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Gregory has engaged in both Tea Party and Republican politics since growing up in suburban Chicago and is a proud, loyal Trump supporter. He strongly supports the Administration’s immigration and economic policies, especially where they have provided opportunities for all our native and immigrant citizens security and jobs, both keys to achieving the American Dream! 

Cindy Levine

Committeeman Jews for Trump

Cindy Levine has been in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry for the past 32 years. She has owned and operated her own mortgage company for over 20 years called Mortgage Network, Inc., and the Mortgage Lady, Inc. She also is a real estate investment counselor helping clients increase their income through investment properties and vacation homes. Commercial real state is one of her strong points. Her motto is if she can’t get the loan done, no one can and for the best real estate secrets on earth call CINDY LEVINE. One of her other businesses is Levine Paralegal where she helps negotiate short sales, foreclosures, mitigation, and does other work related to the real estate and mortgage industry for clients.

Cindy is very active in her community of Parkland/coral springs and is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. She has worked on the campaign during his running for office in 2015 and 2016 and continues to support the president in every aspect of his upcoming campaign for 2020. She has also worked on other campaigns like Carlos Reyes for Congress, Richard Mendelson for school board and Ryan Petty for school board. And the upcoming campaign for Lateresa Jones for Congress. She will stand up for anyone she believes in and is loyal to the bitter end. She is a advocate for special needs children and adults and is the Founder of Stand up Stand Out Now Anti-Bullying Coalition to educate the public and schools against bullying.

Her immediate goal is to get rid of Robert Runcie superintendent of schools in Broward County and the current principal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS Ty Thompson for failing our children continually by not reporting incidents to the school board. This was contributing factor to the tragedy of 2/14/18, where her son Joshua graduated last year from MSD. 

Cindy Levine is a Jewish Republican. patriot who will continue to #Maga for years to come. 


Robert David Korhonen

Team Member

Originally from Detroit, Robert is an award winning professional artist who has created a distinct niche in professional patriotic art and portraits.  He has partnered with several conservative and Republican clubs to exhibit his patriotic art.  Robert has worked in the art industry for the past 25 years after obtaining a BFA degree.  He currently runs Art & Soul Graphics which is his Fort Lauderdale studio.

Americans for Trump is an independent club of supporters of President Donald J. Trump. This club has no connection with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign, or any committee to re-elect Donald J. Trump for President in 2020.