Scott Newmark

President / Founder

Scott Newmark was born in Boston Massachusetts and has spent the last 30+ years residing in South Florida, practicing law and serving his community. Mr. Newmark has always had a keen interest in political matters, proceeding the years he spent at the University of Miami School of Law. This is the very motivation which led Mr. Newmark to form the Americans for Trump organization, based in Broward County. As the Founder and President of Americans for Trump, Mr. Newmark’s key objective upon which he and his organization are steadily focused, is to promote the Keep America Great agenda with initiatives such as to assist in the Elections of Pro-Trump Candidates Statewide/Nationwide and the 2020 re-election race for President Trump.

Carol Moroco

Vice President

Originally from Pennsylvania, Carol has lived and worked in South Florida for the past 20 years. She is a seasoned business leader known for her capacity to cultivate strategic relationships and build trust. Prior to Carol obtaining her MBA from Pennsylvania State University, she worked in the field of special education.

Carol has been a positive innovative leader with local non-profits such as the Ann Storck Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, Six Degrees Young Professionals Organization, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber, Leadership Fort Lauderdale Graduate, Women’s Executive Council, Rotary International, Touch Project Community Outreach to the Homeless and the Humane Society Walk for the Animals. She has been recognized as a Woman of Distinction Nominee by the March of Dimes and as a Dynamic Leader by BNI.

Having lived abroad, Carol is more than aware of the blessings bestowed upon her by living in a democratic republic and this is why she is an advocate of conservative policies. She is Pro-Life and has participated in the March For Life in Washington DC. Carol supports President Trump’s agenda and is a critical part of the leadership team of Americans For Trump.

Dan Edmonds


Dan is originally from Massachusetts and has been a Fort Lauderdale resident since 2014.  He has been active in political campaigns both in his home state and here in Florida.  Dan was on board with President Trump since Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination and remains a staunch supporter of our President.  He is active on Twitter as @DanWantsFreedom. Dan currently works for Team Unified of Artik Pay in credit card processing. 

Michelle Lubin Terris


Michelle is a proven and accomplished executive with extensive experience in diverse roles within corporate and non-profit organizations. Michelle was recognized and honored by NBC 6 with the “Spirit of South Florida” award, as she is always there to help those who are in need. Besides running her own company, she spends most of her time working with her charities and foundation, Michelle has completed several marathons in order to raise awareness and funds for the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation. She runs those marathons in honor of her mother and all those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Michelle worked on the Trump 2016 Campaign as the Broward Cochair for Jews for Trump Coalition. She devoted countless hours to campaigning for President Trump and now volunteers for Americans for Trump, Inc. 

Michelle is the proud mother of son Paxton (19) and daughter Peyton (17)

Frank J. Sosta, Jr.


Originally from Hyde Park, New York, Frank J. Sosta Jr. moved to Florida in 1989. Married to his wife Sandy, they have five sons and seven grandsons. As a second-generation gentleman’s groomer of 51 years, Sosta owns the Royal Cut Barber Shop in Vero Beach.

A recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award through the Corporation for National and Community Service and Points of Light, Sosta is an immediate past Vice Chair of the Republican Executive Committee, Chairman of the Ron DeSantis for Governor campaign and Vice-Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign along the Treasure Coast in Indian River County.

Sosta is longtime President of the Republican Cub of Indian River, currently serves on the membership committee of the Indian River County Republican Party and is an experienced fundraiser. Having served the community extensively through Rotary International, little league baseball and the PTA, Sosta was a volunteer fireman for 17 years, retiring at the rank of Captain.

Jodi Sandak


Jodi is a seasoned professional with 30+ years experience in all divisions of the legal field. Jodi started her legal career as a paralegal for a multi-billion dollar judgment firm in Miami, Florida and progressed her career to COO and Co-Founder of a multi-million dollar foreclosure firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with top clients Goldman Sachs and Fifth Third Bank to name a few. Outside the office, Jodi has dedicated her time to the Republican Party as a volunteer since 2003, she has also been a volunteer for 2 local dog rescues and now volunteers endless hours in her latest position as Director of the Board for Americans for Trump.

Jodi attributes her devotion to conservative causes to her parents whose allegiance to the Republican party dates to President Eisenhower. She knows the sacrifices of our military families as her father is a Korean War veteran and 2017 Honor Flight Recipient. Jodi has structured her life in accordance with her family values.

Tracy Weintraub, CPA


Tracy was born and educated in New York.  He has spent his entire professional CPA career in South Florida, serving clients across the country. Tracy’s background includes years of practice with local and large regional firms. In 2012, Tracy opened his own firm. Tracy has been active in the community including being a former board member of Riverwalk Trust, Unicorn Children’s Foundation and former board chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County. Tracy is a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Tracy has been married since 1983 and he and his wife have two married children and three grandchildren.  

Frank D’Avanzo

Senior Advisor and Director

Frank D’Avanzo has also been involved in many local and county political campaigns. As the immediate past President of Broward County Crimestoppers, Frank has worked with many of the local Police Chiefs and Federal Agencies such as the FBI, The U.S. Marshals, The Secret Service and ICE. Frank’s passion to support the President and the #MAGA movement has led him to become The Senior Advisor for Americans for Trump Broward.

Nivia Lucero


Born in Connecticut in a family predominantly of Democrats, I was taught to believe they cared for, were devoted to righting wrongs, and were people who helped the Community.  But alas, THOSE WERE the Democrats of “Yesteryear”. I’m not sure when they ceased to exist, early enough I witnessed many biases I strongly rejected. I am an “Independent” thinker and always seek facts. The time arrived, I voted based solely on the CHARACTER of men and women, no matter their party affiliation. Fast forward to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, I “Walked Away”. Jumping in ferociously as a new Republican, I volunteered and became a Poll Assigner in Palm Beach County. Having the pleasure of working with some amazing Republicans of all walks, working in the War room with great Lawyers and the Judge, participating in the process during this past election was extraordinary to say the very least. I firmly believe in President Trump since the day I read his book at age 25. He’s a man of great character regardless what the Democrats wants One to believe. I stand by him. He loves the USA as I do, ALL its people, and strives to Keep us safe and prosperous. 

Janet Klomburg


Born in Dearborn Michigan, Janet Klomburg grew up in Stirling Heights MI and was raised in a hard working conservative family that owned thoroughbred race horses. My family moved to Florida in 1979 and I graduated from Boca High and attended two years of Community College at PBJC. I have been married to my wonderful spouse, William Klomburg, for 30 years and I have 2 beautiful adult children, Michelle 30 years old and Derek 22 years old, both have been raised with conservative biblical values. I served as a volunteer in the public schools for five years, as a travel soccer mom for 15 years, and served as a volunteer for my church for 20 years. I began my outreach in politics in 2016 when President elect Trump came down the escalator and announced his candidacy. I attended his rally at the BB&T center and volunteered with the grassroots leads organization as a door knocker and served as a poll worker inside and outside in the 2016 election. I volunteered in the 2018 primary election and the 2018 midterm election as well. I began attending AFT in May of 2018 and have enjoyed attending every meeting since then.  I participated in the 8 day protest at the SOE office in Lauderhill to uphold transparency and accountability in our election process here in Broward County. On Nov 16th, I had the privilege to meet and greet our amazing President Trump and first Lady Melania Trump where he acknowledged our efforts and thanked me personally. I am the owner and operator of Pet Sitting By Janet for 8 years and Klomburg Pools for 38 years with my husband William. I look forward to the privilege to serve AFT in a continued effort and outreach strategy to strengthen and serve the Republican party promoting conservative values within Broward County. 

Michelle Hoff


Michelle Hoff, APRN is an ordained Minister, mother of three and grandmother to two beautiful children. Ms. Hoff is remarkably outspoken
about her love and passion for the Lord first and President Donald Trump. Her political interest began in her early teen years. As consequence, she was involved in school politics in middle and high school. She remembers feeling bad for victims of bullying and stood up for what was important to her. Currently, she stays as an active member of the Republican Party and recently has been appointed Ambassador for “Americans for Trump” for her sincere love, honesty and integrity.

In her early professional career, Michelle worked for Dr. Charles Messa, a prestigious plastic surgeon in Weston, FL for many years. As an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner, Mrs. Hoff owns a successful Medical Spa business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the last 10 years by the name of Timeless Beauty Aesthetics.

Michelle loves the Lord and as an Ordained Minister, she loves to share her love for the Lord with anyone who is interested in learning about Him. She is an active Member of Christians United for Israel and loves educating the uneducated in politics. She is also extremely passionate and outspoken for righteousness, and has a strong desire to clean up the filthy in politics.

Hoff’s accomplishments among others include:

  • Winning woman of the year award for silent victims of crime, 2015
  • Went to congress in 2016 to fight for the Taylor force act
  • Nursing home ministry for 5 years
  • Special needs ministry for 4 years
  • Feeding the homeless for 3 years
  • 5+ year involvement with helping victims of child pedophilia and sex trafficking
  • Supporting underprivileged children in Africa financially for over 15 years
  • Board for Dr. Aiko Hormann International Ministries specializing in healing and deliverance.
  • Member of the “Hungry Woman’s Ministry” in Palm Beach Florida, specializing in healing,
    deliverance, and prayers for Trump Administration.

Sofia Manolesco


Sofia Manolesco was born in Romania during the Ceausescu dictatorship.  She comes from a long lineage of freedom fighters who prevented both, the Ottoman Empire and the Bolsheviks from spreading into Western Europe. Her family fled communist persecution when she was eleven, and she subsequently grew up in France and in Canada. Sofia is fluent in Romanian, French and English, she completed two college degrees, one in Professional Theater and one in Psychology.  In pursuit of the American Dream, Sofia moved to Florida in 1992.  She participated in numerous theater productions and has been operating her own Fitness and Personal Training business since 1999.  As Marxist ideology gained ground in America, systematically erasing Western Civilization values, Sofia was deeply moved by Donald Trump’s courage and sacrifice when he stepped up to defend our freedoms and our borders.  She became a tireless supporter and volunteer, vowing to defend the concepts of freedom and self governance guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  She is proud and happy to be part of the grass roots movement which led to the conception of Americans For Trump in Broward.

Barbie Rizzo


Barbie Rizzo is a nurse, realtor, and Native New Yorker.  She is passionate about animal abuse, the plight of the homeless and, most importantly, our President. She is a true patriot and nationalist; a lover of her country and President.  Barbie supports President Trump and his MAGA agenda 100%. She has attended political rallies supporting Republican candidates,  advocates for Americans For Trump National and Trump 45 Club in West Palm Beach. She can be seen on the Southern Ave Bridge holding her Trumpster Chihuahua waving to the President upon his arrival at Mar-a-Lago . She and other supporters are known as the Bridge people . She and her Chihuahua have appeared in the Palm Beach post and have been interviewed by MSNBC. 

Andrew Brett


Andrew was born into Politics! His grandfather Dr. George J Brett, a Republican, ran for Governor of Pennsylvania in the early ‘60s and his Uncle was County Commissioner (’76-82.), though a Democrat!! But then he “walked away” in the 90’s and became a Republican BEFORE today’s #move away movement!!!

 Andrew’s first involvement within the Republican Party was in 1978 supporting and grass campaigning for Dick Thornburg, the only 2 term Pennsylvanian Republican Governor to date. I then followed this by working the largest Pennsylvania Congressional Districts east of the Mississippi with victories in 1984/86/88!!

While attending Penn State, Andrew formed the College Republicans of Penn State in 1984.

Living in Madison, Wisconsin (’95-‘00), Andrew was co-founder and President  of Action Wisconsin, a bi-partisan action GLBT PAC. As a conservative voice along with other Log Cabin Republicans in Wisconsin, Andrew worked across the isle with MANY Democrats most notably then State Rep. Tammy Baldwin (d-Madison) now US Senator… in supporting equality for the GLBT community.  Andrew testified as one of a hand full of  Republicans before the Wisconsin House Subcommittee supporting Gay Marriage in 1998.

Moving to south Florida in 2000, Andrew  continued to be a conservative voice within the GLBT community. During President Trump’s campaign, Andrew worked tirelessly within that community with a lot of resistance and negativity that didn’t phase Andrew’s determination in talking about the President’s message and the huge failures of the previous 8 years .

Andrew’s core conservative values support: pro- life, a strong national defense, our veterans, less taxes and government  and equality for ALL.

During  the 2018 Mid Term elections , Andrew worked diligently to elect Governor Ron DeSantis.

Andrew’s unwavering support of President Trump and his agenda is why he’s one of our valued ambassadors and currently Vice President of Log Cabin Republicans of Broward County.

Valeria J. Bianco


Valeria J Bianco is a Christian, attorney and single Mom to son Drew and daughter in law Davina.   She’s had a 40 year love affair with Broward County Florida that dates back to the 70s’s when her father ran a  county highway expansion project for a private construction firm and her mother was an accountant for a prestigious Fort Lauderdale law firm.          

Valeria joined this team because founders Scott Newmark and Carol Monaco walk the talk when it comes to supporting President Trump. Valeria followed Donald Trump’s achievements since the late 70s. Valeria first met then candidate Trump at his 2015 Doral Rally. He was a gracious gentleman with everyone he encountered. Thereafter, Valeria attended numerous subsequent Trump rallies, worked for the 2016 election committee, attended the 2017 inauguration in DC and  presidential tarmac events at PBI.

In March, 2017, President Trump gave Valeria and 6 other supporters  the surprise of a life time. After he waved to them on the Bridge to Mar a Lago, he sent his senior advance man with a van and an invitation for an impromptu Presidential meet and greet.  

The Lucky 7 (Valeria’s nick-name for their small group) were escorted into the grand ballroom and had an intimate introduction to the President.  He personally thanked all of them and graciously posed for individual and group photos.

Since her first Trump event in 2015, Valeria can say with assurance and first- hand knowledge that the President and First Lady make a spectacular team for the turbulent times we live in.   They appreciate their supporters in Florida, the USA and around the globe. Most of all, they love God and our country and don’t’ squander the opportunity we gave them.

Nancy Emerick


I was born in Michigan into a Republican household. I belonged to the Republican Club in High School and graduated from Michigan Start University.  But, back then politics did not play a role in the classroom, the professors were not promoting Socialism.  I moved to Florida and did not get involved in politics until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started their campaigns. This time our Country and our lives literally depended on the outcome of this election. I was with Candidate Trump from the moment he came down the escalator. I started meeting some amazing Republican people that were on the same page as me and I joined the Contemporary Federated Woman’s Republican Club of Boca Raton, of which I am now a board member. During the 2018 elections I starting volunteering in the campaign office in Boca Raton, waved signs and participated in many rallies. That brought me to Scott Newmark’s fantastic group in Broward.  It has been an extraordinary experience and I am, and always will be, with President Trump. We must keep fighting the good fight. Thank you Scott, I am honored to accept and be an Ambassador for “Americans for Trump”.

Digna D. Balcunas


Digna Balcunas was born in Cuba under the Fidel Castro communist regime. Her family left Cuba during the “Freedom Flights” as legal immigrants in 1968 and arrived in Puerto Rico where they lived for 6 years. In 1974 her family moved to Miami and subsequently to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1975, until the present time. 

She graduated from Dillard High School, attended Broward College and at the same time, started working for the Broward County Clerk of Court for 35 years until retirement. 

Digna is the mother of 2 children and widow to Officer Peter Balcunas who was a Reservist for the USMC (Vietnam 67-68) and a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer until retirement. She also volunteers as Secretary, Registration Chairperson and Official for Florida Gold Coast Amateur Boxing (a youth organization) under the umbrella of the United Stated Olympic Amateur Boxing since 1988.

In 1986 Digna became an American Citizen and immediately registered as a Republican, always remembering where she came from and the reason why her family came to the United States, in search of Freedom. As she always says: Cuban by birth and American by choice!

Politics came into Digna’s life in 2015/2016 when she became a volunteer for the Republican Party in Coral Springs supporting Donald J. Trump as President since his nomination as Candidate. Since then, she has been an active member and supporter as a Patriot, God fearing, American freedom seeker true to her ideas, this beautiful country and our President Donald J. Trump.

Michael Corker


Originally from Illinois, Michael Coker has been a hard core Republican for more than 35 years. Involved in politics as a conservative voice while graduating from a Liberal college, Michael has always stood up for conservative values as a black Republican.
Michael is an active member of the Republican Party.  He volunteered for Governor Rick Scott’s campaign twice and worked with and provided social media to the Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2016.  He continued his volunteer work by making phone calls in both the primary and midterm elections in 2018 to elect Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott. 
His professional career consists of 20 + years in construction and engineering project management which he used to transitioned into construction law as a construction paralegal/legal expert. Michael provide support to construction law attorneys and other legal support staff to find the smoking gun for mediation or trial.
Michael is a college graduate, attended two law schools, attends churches service twice a week, and considers himself a conservative continuing his Christian walk with the Lord. He is committed to turning Broward Red and uses his conservative blog, Secondopinionpundits – Political Web Magazine to share the conservative message.
In his spare time, he is a aational collegiate baseball writer and contemporary reporter, member National College Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), voter For The NCBWA NCAA Division I baseball Top 25 and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) baseball Top 10. He has over ten years of covering collegiate baseball. 

Paula Prudente


Paula Prudente was born and educated in Port Washington, Long Island, New York, and has always been a proud patriot as were her immigrant grandparents whom arrived at Ellis Island, New York Harbor in the early 1900’s.  Her family history includes Long Island farmers whom were proud to work with the Trump Family’s Real Estate Construction Workers at the Colonial Stone & Sand Pits that paved and built Manhattan, and many military members who served in World War II, Viet Nam, and the Middle East. 

Not only a partriot, Paula has been on the Trump Train since the very beginning. In June 2015, Paula announced Palm Beach County’s first support team as a Trump Victory Committee and initiated the first Trump Committee Announcements to carpool to Florida’s first Trump Rally taking place at Trump’s Miami Doral Convention Center.   Congressman Brian Mast acknowledged and appreciated Paula‘s hard work for both the President Trump and Mast for Congress Campaigns, and Paula was awarded with a ticket to attend Trump’s Inauguration Ceremonies and DeploraBall in Washington DC, a most memorable and unforgettable Victory for our American People.

Since retiring as a Who’s Who of American Teachers, Paula is a dedicated ProActivist Volunteer for Trump Tea Party grassroots Republican candidates since 2008 serving Palm Beach County Tea Party, FLIMEN-Floridians for Legal Immigration Enforcement, Republican Executive Committeewoman, Sponsoring Student Republican Groups, Charity Events, International Piano Guild, Second Ammendment Coalition with Friends of NRA, and Candidates Campaign Fundraiser Hosting, sign waving, printing and distributing Voter Guides daily 7am-6 pm at Supv of Elections Early Voting/Primaries, Election Days; Classroom Teachers Assoc. Lead Rep, and Americans For Prosperity.

Paula Prudente is currently a Candidate for Palm Springs Village Council District 2, which will hopefully be at her first Agenda Item voted by newly elected Village Council members  to be annexed with neighboring Trump International Golf Club on Summit Blvd.  

Beatrice Bijoux Espady


Attorney Beatrice Bijoux is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation at Bijoux Law Firm. Ms. Bijoux concentrates her practice on Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and Business Law. Ms. Bijoux earned her Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in International Business from International University in 2012. After excelling in her undergraduate studies, Ms. Bijoux went on to earn her Doctor of Law Degree from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law in 2016.

During law school, Ms. Bijoux was an active advocate member of the honors organization, NSU Trial Association, an organization focused on litigation and trial advocacy. Ms. Bijoux also served as the President of the Association of Business Law Students. She has received numerous honors in law school. She has achieved the bronze level honor in the Pro Bono Honors Program. She was also chosen by the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar to represent Nova Southeastern University College of Law as the inaugural 2015 Business Law Scholar. Prior to starting her own Law Practice, Ms. Bijoux worked as an Associate Attorney, gaining extensive exposure and experience at numerous firms that handled challenging and catastrophic medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury cases.

Ms. Bijoux is a member of the Florida Bar and is admitted to practice in the state of Florida. Miss Bijoux has settled over a half of million dollars worth of personal injury claims on behalf of her clients. Her firm continues to grow and deliver justice to South Florida Residents.

Ms. Bijoux is an active volunteer in the community and especially enjoys working with the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Evgeny Yasinsky


Evgeny Yasinsky was born and spent the first half of his life in Belarus (former Soviet Block Country) which gives him a keep appreciation of the American way of life. Shortly after earning his Civil Law degree from Belarus State Economic University, he moved his young family to the United States where he obtained an MBA in Finance from the Huizenga School of Business at NOVA Southeastern University. While in graduate school, Evgeny immediately started building professional relationships with local businesses, community groups and non-profit organizations. He has served on a steering committee of the Joint Tax & Estate Planning seminar of Broward County and has served as a member of the Planned Giving Council at NOVA South Eastern University. He is a joyful volunteer at Broward Center for Performing Arts and a proud father to two boys. He is currently in charge of strategic client relationships at The A.I.D. Group, serving high net worth individuals and family offices. 

Robert David Korhonen

Team Member

Originally from Detroit, Robert is an award winning professional artist who has created a distinct niche in professional patriotic art and portraits.  He has partnered with several conservative and Republican clubs to exhibit his patriotic art.  Robert has worked in the art industry for the past 25 years after obtaining a BFA degree.  He currently runs Art & Soul Graphics which is his Fort Lauderdale studio.

Americans for Trump is an independent club of supporters of President Donald J. Trump. This club has no connection with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign, or any committee to re-elect Donald J. Trump for President in 2020.