I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the Americans For Trump website. I have personally witnessed its professionalism and accuracy concerning the reporting of political news. This website promotes President Trump and his agenda while exposing the many fake news organizations across America. A day rarely passes without another fake story being debunked by this website. Scott Newmark is the founder and daily contributor to this website offering his professional insights into the political arena. Scott being an elite attorney by profession shares his legal perceptions on most topics discussed on the website. If you like the Rush Limbaugh show you will love the Americans For Trump website! I know that Rush would definitely give Scott two thumbs up for his spectacular track record in speaking the truth and promoting agendas that are making America great again! Scott has been recognized and awarded by President Trump himself to the Republican Presidential Honor Roll. This award recognizes those who have displayed great patriotism, loyalty, and dedication to serve the President and The United States Of America. Hopefully you will take the time to seek out the Americans For Trump website soon! You will never regret it.