As I sit here and reflect why I am involved in Americans for Trump. There are so many reasons. I’ll start from the beginning. I felt like I was falling into a deep hole of dispair and could not see the light while Obama was President. I kept hearing rumors Donald J Trump was thinking of running for President. The light began to flicker. Then came the day. Donald J Trump came down an escalator and announced he was running. The world just became brighter for me. I had to help him. But what could one person do? Facebook was my answer. I began posting and then I joined Scott and his friends. A special bond was made. All his friends felt just like me. Lost and no one heard us. Americans for Trump was a way to reach out and spread Donald J Trumps message. Make America Great Again. MAGA ??. You meet so many people via Facebook that love helping Donald J Trump become President. Another highlight my son Tristan loved  President Trump. He loves our country. He looked at me one day and said. Mom I’m going to enlist in the Army. I believe in this President. He is going to save America. He did enlist.  My son says since President Trump has made things so much better. Newer equipment and he gets a 2 percent raise and re-enlist bonuses are higher. He’s very proud to serve. He would never have considered enlisting under Obama. As I see the promises being kept by our President I feel our organization has played a part. We have reached out to so many people and they in turn connect with their friends and we share our message. MAGA ??. I love knowing so many people are connected and in my small way I’m fighting daily for our President Donald  J Trump.