Americans for Trump is a great group, in my opinion, the largest local organization in Broward County, whose meetings I can attend with confidence and comfort, knowing that I will not hear the kind of anti-constitutional rubbish or pro-globalist attitudes that contaminate, for example, the Broward Republican Executive Committee. Members of Americans for Trump support President Trump, the most straightforward, effective, anti-New World Order president we could hope to have, who has done more for this country than all the rest of them put together since Reagen, in just his first two years in office. His sometimes unfiltered, colorful phrases are simply well asserted excoriations, of which their targets are eminently deserving. And the future of his exploits against America’s enemies promises to be huge. At Americans for Trump, we do not genuflect to RINO traitors. We do not make excuses for the unconstitutional legislation and acts of official miscreants. And we do not recommend corrupt officials as though they were worthy of applause. Going forward, I hope that Americans for Trump might achieve much more. But for now, it is definitely a place where a conservative can feel at home.