I recently became Facebook friends with Scott Newmark, President of Americans for Trump in Broward County, Florida. I assumed it was merely another group from a myriad of recently formed ” Pro Trump” outfits. I was pleasantly surprised! These folks are doing what the rest of the Trump fans SHOULD be doing ! Here in the  greater Phoenix area, we have hundreds of thousands of pro Trump folks, but there is no powerful advocacy group that can be clearly differentiated from the Republican Party itself. This is a serious problem in AZ, but holds true in many states across the USA. PMAZ is a great CONSERVATIVE PATRIOT organization,  but it is small, and needs statewide expansion, and vastly increased exposure and membership. Scott, I commend you on your success with AFT. Maybe under you and your organization’s advice, a similar success can be realized in AZ. The REPUBLICAN PARTY,  is thwarting any real change here. We just traded Flake & McCain for a Democrat SOCIALIST, And McCain mentored Martha McSally. We are regressing ! I will continue to follow Americans for Trump, and encourage fellow Arizonans to do likewise.