I came across a post from Scott Newmark on my Facebook news feed, explaining how he single handedly was starting up a Republican group of Patriots in Broward Co. Fl, the most liberal county in FL, and calling it Americans for Trump, Inc. I knew I had to check it out, because I just knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. Boy, was I ever wrong! It has blossomed into a sea of Patriots that are all positive and supportive of our President and everything conservative. A place where patriotism is alive and everyone is welcome. Living over 1,200 miles away, I am not able to attend meetings, but am kept up to date by postings of their leader, Scott Newmark. The most interesting and news worthy people are asked as guest speakers, and share honest and trustworthy news. I wholeheartedly support Americans for Trump,Inc, and invite everyone to come and join a part of history in the making.