So blessed to be a part of Americans For Trump. I became an avid supporter of Donald J. Trump from the beginning, prior to the 2016 election. Attended 2 rallies in Florida, and had the privilege of sitting behind him at one of these occasions as he spoke without using the teleprompter. I hold the same respect for this organization, as I do for our President. Americans For Trump supports our President with facts rather than the lies that the left push. I especially love the fact that President Trump loves our Country and is fighting for Americans, Christianity, and Israel. He is also against the evil New World Order. I found Scott Newmark on Facebook in May of 2015. He fights for truth with facts and is very bold about it. I love and support this organization because I believe that this President is fighting for the very soul of this Country, and the left lunatics have been ripping the very fabric of what this Country truly is about, truth, love and Patriotism