Dear  Scott: It is with honor to be invited by you to share why I have and continue to be in the support of Americans on behalf of President Donald J. Trump. Let me begin by saying that I was associated back when Donald J. Trump would talk on face book to our group on his opinions and what was happening to our country than and the need to have leadership appropriate to make America safe again, etc. Each day this group grew and than this group grew into supporters which I run across a few today. We, back than would continue to press him to run for President. He was undecided until one day he announced to watch the network in June of 2015 I believe. Sure enough we witnessed Donald J. Trump and his wife take that famous ride down the escalator to announce to America” I am running for President of the United States”. As we supporters who have grown to many more than 50,000 now know the life of” We the People” in the support of his office of the President of the United States. The supporters have developed close ties and enduring love and support for him, no matter what the medias, news, and the left who have admitted how much they “hate him” as efforts continue not only through out the US but has expanded all across the world.It is my belief that his support has continued to grow there-by the Republican Party has increased not only in numbers but he has been able to maintain much of what he promised during his campaign as well. True to life it is not always possible with out a fortune ball to look ahead and say stead fast this is what will be and this is what I will be doing, as events and challenges, as expected, change day by day and minute by minute.President Trump has proven to be flexible and able to make the right decisions thus far. President Trump has proven to be stead fast and not to cave once a good decision on behalf of the American People has been made. He is admired through out the world as reported. He has chanced making friend ships with countries in Europe and Asia knowing they do set back on promises but he is bright and had N. Korea sign a contract that perhaps does not mean that much but will in the future.Today, I was reviewing the IRS Tax deductions, a Hugh gift to every American working or not, and I will compliment the IRS that they changed over and above the tax cuts guidelines on behalf of the American People. Oh! yes, Obama Care could not be fully repealed but yes the horrible mandate is and that is important and a step in the right direction. The Iran nuclear deal is about all closed for the time but requires monitoring for many years to come. Others: Military, Farmers, Environment, Water, and very so right to Kick those in Congress and the White House staff if they don’t measure up to his standards of job performances. Mr. President you are such a hard working person and giving up your life that you could have on behalf of the American People, children for the reason so that America will continue to have safe borders with out War is to me the one most important reason as your supporter that I remain knowing our country is safe under your direction. Blessings.