Scott, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, and my television thanks you. If not for you and other fellow Patriots I might have gone over the edge and sacrificed my television just to see a projectile hurling towards a liberal’s head. The scourge of libtardness did not just appear out of thin air, it has taken many decades for the disease to become an epidemic. In Ayn Rands book Philosophy Who Needs It, Ms. Rands explains this evolution. In the book Ms. Rand is warning us about the take over of our universities by this disease. It started according to Ms. Rand by the failed philosophy of Emanuel Kant which still permeates our universities. Philosophy she explains is the backbone of our society. individuals can chose the branch of philosophy they relate to. This book was written about 50 years ago. Nancy Pelosi along with others are the product of this misguidance  Unfortunately our institutes of education have decided to follow Mr. Kant.  I am sure you heard the statement ” there is no realty, only each individuals perception of it “, that comes from Mr. Kant. How about if it feels good, it is, also Mr. Kant. This is the basis of Libtardness. This is how Obamacare came into existence. You see it ” Felt Good ” to take care of the uninsured, be damned the consequences. I’m sure you remember the statement by Ms. Pelosi ” we have to pass it to see whats in it “, pure insanity. Yet it became the law of the land. There was no pro forma or even vision to guide the essentials of the funding. President Trump I can assure you would have crunched the numbers and squashed the  program before it started. Instead we had a community organizer who never saw a spread sheet or was responsible for a bottom line in his life enact it.  At present we are living in the definition of insanity, keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. Leave our border and immigration policies intact and expect a different outcome. What is worse the people espousing this were all saying the opposite when they were in power. They obviously hate our president more than they love our country. Our President has spent his entire life reading spread sheets. He ways the pros and cons of a situation and pragmatically comes to a decision. Some may not feel good but in the end will work out because there is a vision of the outcome in his mind. He studies the situation and comes to a logical conclusion based on facts and figures, not feelings. He does not govern by polls, but rather by intelligent consensus of his cabinet. Unless of course he disagrees with the consensus. We have all witnessed the integrity and steadfastness of his leadership. In conclusion President Trump should be the prototype of all future leaders. We are blessed to have his leadership. Patriots stay the course or we will lose our beloved country.