These are grave times for the United States of America. This organization is one that is dedicated to enlighten the public regarding the misinformation being propagated by the main stream media on a continuous basis. Most of our main information sources carry an extreme bias toward socialism and against our Constitution, have enjoyed the status quo, and are threatened by an outsider, President Donald Trump, who is working tirelessly to expose their destructive agenda. As he does this, he is relentlessly attacked and accused of spurious and ridiculous legal charges, made with no evidence, because his opponents disagree with his politics, the goal of which is to restore America’s greatness, power, rule of law, morality, and leadership in the world. Some so called Republicans are also guilty of negligence and even have been complicit in keeping that status quo in place for the sake of their own re-election and to appease their lobbyists. Our duty as citizens of the greatest nation in the history of Earth, is to expose the corruption and agenda of the left, hold it’s most egregious offenders to account, and protect this great nation, for the sake of our children, and their children, by the grace and help of Almighty God. May God truly bless and preserve the United States of America.