After working on the 2016 Trump campaign and cultivating so many amazing friendships, I wanted to continue to volunteer.  Last year, prior to the midterm elections, I was introduced to Americans For Trump (AFT) by my friend Jody Steinlauf who is now an AFT Ambassador to #JEXIT. She took me to a dinner event and the rest is history. AFT is not just an organization. It’s a way of life, a culture if you will, with American Patriots that care about one another, our President, country and conservative values. The President of AFT , Scott Newmark, runs this well-oiled machine which is growing exponentially locally and nationally.  I am now a proud member and Director of AFT and in addition to those responsibilities, Scott and AFT have collaborated with JEXIT, Inc. to lead American Jewish Democrats to conservative causes.

FT is a not for profit organization, dedicated to educating the public on Pro-Trump Candidates and on the important work President Trump is pursuing. This goal is achieved through a variety of events and activities, some of which include: debates, discussions, lectures, and speeches conducted at our dinner meetings. AT and its members are making a difference in our community and I am so proud to work with Scott, Carol and the rest of the dynamic AFT Team. I enocurage all Patriots to join our movement to ensure that President Trump gets re-elected!