I met the president and founder for Americans 4 Trump, Scott Newmark, when Trump announced his candidacy for President. We were in agreement in many of the issues to support our President, while promoting him on Social Media to be elected for 2016. Scott and I took quite a bit of personal bashing from all the haters and Democrats who did not believe in our President. However, we stuck by one another, never gave up, and fought the fight until the glorious win. #MAGA!!!

Being a part of Americans 4 Trump National has been a great experience for me personally. It’s helped me meet like-minded people who have become close friends, and has increased my business, and has given me the opportunity to attend one of the best monthly meetings ever held in Broward County.

The speakers that Scott brings to the meetings are incredible, and I’ve learned so much about politics, and what’s really going on from the horses mouth, by the people who’ve been there and support our President Trump regardless of the consequences. I will do whatever it takes to support President Trump in 2020, as well as all of my fellow patriots and continue to support Americans 4 Trump!!!

If you’re not attending these meetings and you are for our President Trump, you are really missing out on some wonderful people, and we stick together through thick and thin. Please join us! You won’t be disappointed.