The following is why I walked away from the Democratic party. I fled the Castro regime with my mother as a young girl and I grew up in a household of die hard Democrats. We were unicorns of sorts in the Cuban community traditionally known for their staunch support of Republican party. I voted for President Obama twice, standing in line over 8 hours in his re election. I even prayed that he would pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate when she lost to him in 2008. I thought how incredible that would have been, the first African American President and female Vice President. My dreams were shattered towards the end of Obama’s  second term when the veil began to lift from my eyes and I started to realize what was happening to the America I loved so much and adopted as my home decades ago. II could now see the irrevocable damage Obama’s administration had done, and I felt so betrayed, so duped and how incredibly gullible I had been. How could this happen to me? I thought I was an educated independent thinker, had done my due diligence and research and always questioned everything. I thought how many others like me are out there, feeling betrayed by a political party they so faithfully  followed and trusted. Then came the election of 2016 and I along with millions of other Americans were ready for a change. I must admit that Trump was not my first choice. He was always entertaining but never “Presidential” in my mind. But with each new debate everything Trump said resonated with my values and beliefs. As I stood at the voting line with my husband my excitement and pride was palpable. That night we held our breath as the future of our country hung in the balance. I prayed for my grand children and for their future. There was no choice if we were to regain our beloved country and keep it from becoming another casualty of big government like my country of birth did. I am so grateful to our President and his family for everything they are sacrificing in order to MAGA. They could be sailing around the world with out a care. Adored by celebrities and politicians alike who attended there many parties in the past. Instead they put their love of Country first,knowing how life altering and dangerous this choice would be. I will forever feel indebted for President Trump’s generosity, humbled by his unselfishness and I am so proud of my President.