This is a question many of us ask ourselves as we go about our daily lives, working, getting married, settling down and having children. What does it mean to me? Well, let’s take a look at recent history and examine this a bit further. Just based on the numbers of the economy, this country was circling the drain. This country had record numbers of employment, folks with college degrees and student debt couldn’t find work. The Natural Gas and Coal Industries were virtually non-existent and ready to be outsourced from this country for good. After the good times of the 1980’s under President Ronald Regan, our country was in a planned 30-year slide to its ultimate downfall and extinction. If you have the chance, just open up your computer or smart device to the internet and search past presidents, their administrations, and the time periods to get a sense of what kind of slide we – as a nation were on. Questions can be raised as to how a person, a non-citizen, was able to run for and obtain the presidency (OBAMA). How strong presidential candidates suddenly fold both in the spotlight of the national and world stages before said NON-CITIZEN President, Twice? (McCain and Romney) Or, The Democratic Party continues along with the elites despise the common working person – The Forgotten Men and Women of our great nation? What are these despots afraid of the most? It is We the People who can end their charade and finish this game!

It is no secret that the Media is in cahoots with the plot to bring our great nation to its knees. It is no coincidence that Hillary Rodham Clinton was to be the chosen one to succeed the abomination that was residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Make no mistake here folks, Bernie Sanders should have been the candidate – he had the right following of young people, but we know what happened. He was either threatened or bought off by HRC and the system was rigged against him. Even now the fight continues on so many fronts to beat back our victory in 2016! One man, Donald J. Trump, who had the foresight to see what and how this nation is the land of opportunity! Where anyone can start a business, have a family, reach for opportunity, have the house with the white picket fence. He saw all the good that this country has to offer in running his family’s businesses and building an empire. Mr. Trump, saw this country on the path it was going in and was willing to give up his comfortable lifestyle to give back, save this country and its people from certain destruction. With folks like this group – Americans for Trump, we to can give back with the sharing of information and ideas and thought on this countries state of affairs. I believe in my heart of hearts, we haven’t seen the last of the push back from the election – that President trump won, and we too also won! There is a saying that goes like this, “it will get worse before it gets better.” I think we are coming out of the getting worse part and are going into the getting better phase. We need to keep on the watch for all the corruption to be cleaned up and the swamp to be drained, which is coming into focus. Ask yourself, if I take a step back and look at the wall controversy, why isn’t a quick end put to this with POTUS declaring a State of Emergency and Marshal Law? Could it be he has a plan in place and is dragging his feet to wait for the right time to act? Make no Mistake here folks, Donald Trump is a genius and master chess player, let us watch and see how it all unfolds.

Americans for Trump is the place to be, for good information and thoughts from like-minded folks everywhere in our great nation! In taking a tour of the White House and the Capitol Building, nothing compares to being there in person! The pride of watching the people come and go, taking the tour with the pages and seeing how our country is run is awe inspiring to say the least! Americans for Trump mean that to me. To see how many people who care about preserving our way of life in our great nation, is awe inspiring in itself. I am happy to be a part of something special, a grass roots group that can move mountains. Best wishes to you all and God Speed to Our President- Donald J. Trump!