As a founder and board member of the Judeo-Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County for two years, I appreciate the work, time and dedication required to start with an idea and create a successful organization. Scott Newmark and Carol Moroco have done that, and their enthusiasm continues to flourish. As 2020 approaches it is increasingly important for Conservatives to reach out to ensure like-minded Americans get out to vote, and to educate Independents so they too will vote to re-elect President Trump and ensure he has a Republican Congress to implement his policies. Americans for Trump is the right organization to get the Trump voters out in 2020. Scott and Carol can’t do it alone. The Ambassadors must support them by educating our friends and neighbors and bringing them to an Americans for Trump event. If they aren’t 100% with us when they enter, they will be by the end of the evening. We will have an unforgettable victory party election night 2020!