One of the greatest highlights last year for my wife, Sandy, and me was signing up for our first Anricsnd For Trump dinner and meeting last fall. It was then we first met its dynamic founded, Scott Newmark and his wonderful team of remarkable American Patriots.

In a time of great unrest, division and discord, it was not only a refreshing alternative but an eye-opening experience which we both have since learned to love and rigorously look forward to every month ever since! Great speakers, great communication, and great friendships with like-minded fellow citizens hi believe in freedom, our Constitution,our American way of life, all united in supporting President Trump
And the Making America Greater than ever before!

In a time of continuous division of our populace on the grounds of race, religion, and countless other demographics, Americans For Trump provide a coming together of ALL these groups in a unified belief in the best that we together have to offer! This organization understands what separates the United States from every other nation on Eaeth, past or present. And the people of AFT appreciate thst we cannot take this greatness for granted. Millions of people would prefer a system and government akin to Venezuela or Cuba over the Land of Opportunity that America has once again become!

Sandy and I have found a wonderful group with whom to share our hopes and dreams for an even brighter future – for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

No finer organization existe for Rhodes who seek an optimistic future for themselves and our nation! Congratulations, Scott, for having the wisdom and dedication in putting all of this together in forming Americans For Truno!