In April of 2018 I met Scott Newmark. We both had a great conversation and we both figured out we are passionate about America, Patriotism, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Nationalism, and President Trump’s success in “Making America Great Again”. Scott invited me to the first dinner meeting to see if I would be interested in a new startup advocacy group called “Americans for Trump” (AFT). The meeting was held at the Olive Garden. Gloria and I arrived a little late since I see patients till 6pm on Tuesdays, The room was packed and we were part of the “standing room only” group in the back. The meeting and the speakers were “on fire” presenting their passion about America’s future and their love for President Donald J Trump. It was at that time I began my efforts to spread the word to my Facebook friends with “like minds” about AFT to “like” the AFT Facebook page and to come to future meetings. Since that meeting I’ve made 11/12 meetings and watched the one I missed “Live” thanks to one of our great Board Members; Michelle Lubin Terris. Every 2nd Tuesday we meet, and every meeting is packed with updates, speakers, patriotic spirit and like minded people who love our President and who support candidates who support our President and feel the same way. Scott Newmark not only is a good friend, he is passionate about President Trump and presides well over every meeting with the latest news, legal, and legislative updates. I look forward to every meeting and I thoroughly enjoy socializing with the members of AFT. AFT is moving up, it’s dynamic, and I encourage any person who loves our President to join regardless of socioeconomic status, race, color, religion or sexual orientation. AFT is an all inclusive group of Patriots who love and support our President, Donald J. Trump.