I had never been involved in a campaign until the 2016 election when our lives literally depended on the outcome. I was with Donald Trump from the beginning when he came down the escalator. I then started getting involved with the Republican Party and met so many incredible people along the way. I was invited to come to a meeting of the “Contemporary Federated Republican Women’s Club” in Boca Raton. I joined on that very night and am now on their board. Then, a close friend, Nivia Lucero, invited me to come to Scott Newmark’s new organization “Americans for Trump”, I think it was the first meeting that was held at Galuppi’s. I was so impressed by Scott and his fabulous group of Patriots that I attended every meeting after that first night and I am excited to say that I am now an Ambassador! I am so proud to work with Scott Newmark and Carol Moroco and all the rest of the AFT team/family and I recommend to anyone that supports President Trump to join our great Patriotic group to ensure his re-election in 2020.